Start Writing and Publishing E-Books to Promote Your Business

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Create success with e-books and you might be able to launch a rewarding writing career.  You can also write and distribute e-books to expand global awareness about your business products and/or services.  Fortunately, there are a host of e-book readers (e.g. Kindle, Nook) your book buyers can purchase to download and enjoy your work.   

The Rise of E-books

August 24, 2011, the “New Ebook Genre Backed by Major Names in Publishing, Literature, Music and Technology” announcement ran on PR Newswire.  Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a PayPal co-founder and Facebook executive were some of the key players involved in the innovative efforts to marry print with music to enhance storytelling.   

Imagine sitting down with your favorite e-book reader, pulling up a recent romance novel you’d purchased online and listening to background music as you turned the first few pages, introducing yourself to the book’s major characters, discovering what entanglements they were about to get themselves into.  A short as a decade ago, the concept might have sounded farfetched, but not anymore.  In fact, authors and publishers are already creating videos with sound (referred to as book trailers) to advertise their latest titles.  This trend started a few years ago and has been growing in popularity, particularly among the self-published author ranks, creative artists who set out on their own (rather than to wait for mainstream publishers to validate their work) in large numbers a little over a decade ago, people who haven’t looked back since. 

When you think about it, could it be the efforts and risk taking of self-published authors that is driving innovation in the book publishing industry?  Although it doesn’t appear that self-publishers are creating e-book soundtracks yet, they have proven time and again that non-traditional publishing strategies can work.  Could the innovative marketing efforts of the very writers mainstream publishers and mainstream bookstores looked down upon, referring to their stories and talent as somehow “less than” that of writers whose books were stamped by large publishing houses, be pumping vitality and health into the entire industry?  Kinda makes me think of the impact that hip hop, once a genre that was widely looked down upon, has had upon the music industry. 

Increasing Business and Book Sales Electronically

If e-book soundtracks lead to increased book sales, one can only imagine what’s coming next.  One thing is certain, demanding that creative artists remain inside confines established by those who choose not to flex their creative muscles, ain’t working, and hallelujah for that.  Innovation is doing what it’s always done, leveling the playing field.   

To create success with e-books that you write, think about: 

  • Creating an attention grabbing title for your e-book (this topic is covered in more detail in other articles here)
  • Working with a professional book designer to create the cover for your ebook
  • Submitting your ebook to electronic book distributors who have relationships with numerous ebook retailers
  • Selling your e-books on your creative business website
  • Posting excerpts from your e-book at your website and in social network posts you make, being sure to include a link to the location where readers can purchase a copy of your e-books
  • Scheduling radio interviews (online and offline) and discussing your electronic books (being sure to mention the URLs where listeners can purchase a copy of your e-books)
  • Creating a trailer (with audio and sound) for your e-books
  • Building your own soundtrack to accompany your e-books

 You might even decide to use your e-books as giveaways, prizes and rewards that build consumer trust in your company, helping to increase your bottom line.  The ways e-books can help generate income for you, even while you’re sleeping, are truly up to you (and your imagination). 

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  1. Sharon says:

    Enjoying this article. Ebooks are coming on, and I agree, writers got tired of waiting on big publishers to take on their work so writers found ways to get their stories to readers on their own. As many changes as there have been so far I think we’ll see even more changes coming.

  2. Hi many thanks for that incredible data – I appreciated it. I am glad I discovered your blogging site as I am creating an e-book on this next month – I am going to check back again and will also give you a hyperlink back when I am done.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for visiting and for your positive comment. Ebooks are taking off!

      Please visit us again and again and tell your friends, family and colleagues about us!

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