2012 New Year’s Business Resolutions That Work

By Rhonda Campbell

Link your vision and passions to your 2012 New Year’s business resolutions and watch your commitment to doing what it takes to fulfill those resolutions soar. In fact, it’s often the tradition of setting resolutions that has you feeling excited (full of expectation) or nervous (a little leery that you won’t keep your business resolutions) at this time of year. It’s the chance at a new start that’s generating an unforgettable response from you.

Easy Ways to Create 2012 New Year’s Business Resolutions You’ll Keep

So, how can you easily create 2012 New Year’s business resolutions that work? To start you can create a list of things you enjoy most about operating your business. This little step can reveal very important, and perhaps as yet hidden, facts about what you really want to see happen to your business in the New Year.

Pull up a list of motivational quotes made by effective business leaders and entrepreneurs. Pay attention to quotes that jump out at you. It’s those quotes that might be connecting with a deeper business goal in you.

Ask yourself, if you could have anything you wanted next year, what it would be. Toss aside fear if you realize what you want most is to enter a new industry or occupation all together. You have time to think about these and other new insights. No need to act on them right away. You just want to get to the core of what you really want to see happen in your business in 2012, as it’s those core passions that may provide the most fuel for you to keep going months from now, when the champagne corks have stopped flying and the end of year celebrations have ended.

Easy-to-Keep 2012 New Year’s Business Resolution Ideas

To help you along as you start creating one to three 2012 New Year’s business resolutions, following are a few resolutions you may want to consider:

  • Get a handle on business cash flow (focus on receiving more revenue throughout the year than the business expends)
  • Track financials in detail each day, week and month (no more guessing or approximating)
  • Schedule and keep monthly or quarterly contact meetings with current clients (effective way to generate new business)
  • Launch two or more new products
  • Start generating income via business related public speaking engagements
  • Offer weekly or monthly business seminars or webinars to grow customer/client base
  • Make one new business contact a week
  • Generate X amount of dollars (e.g. $50,000, $750,000, $21.7 million) more than business generated in 2011
  • Send a Thank You note to one client/customer a day or week
  • Expand marketing strategy to one or more new regions (e.g. Northeast, Southwest)

After you write down your 2012 New Year’s business resolutions, list the steps you will take to bring the resolutions to life. Next, create a system (e.g. spreadsheet) that makes it easy for you to track your progress each day. For example, you could list the names of the new contacts you make each week and include their telephone number, email address, etc. information next to their name. And again, if you link your business resolutions to your deepest or core business passions and vision, the likelihood that you’ll “stick with” the resolutions can increase substantially.

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