Top Business College Courses for Entrepreneurs

Top business college courses and degrees can get creative business leaders up to speed on the latest hiring trends, marketing practices and organizational leadership strategies. Certificate and diploma courses offered at accredited colleges and universities can be completed in as little as three months.

Top College Courses for Creative Business Leaders

Some popular undergraduate and graduate business degrees include:

  • Associate of Science in Accounting and Tax – prepares students to excel in accounting and business consultation roles
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management – Practical and versatile degree covering areas such as entrepreneurship, business leadership, legal administration, public administration and marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Sales and Marketing – focuses on areas such as contemporary, traditional and innovative marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – colleges and universities may allow creative business leaders to concentrate in subjects like accounting, finance or human resources after they declare Bachelor of Science in Business Administration as their major. Degree focuses on areas such as managerial leadership, marketing and hospitality leadership
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance – focuses on areas such as financial leadership, accounting principles and tax laws
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources – examines and reviews areas such as employment laws, hiring trends, employee relations, compensation and benefits programs, managerial leadership and communication styles and employee engagement
  • Master of Science in Business Administration – More advanced business administration degrees covering areas similar to the Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree

Creative business leaders who work for large corporations are encouraged to check with their human resource managers to find out if they can get their tuition paid for through their job. Other creative business leaders are encouraged to check with their accountants to see if they can claim their educational expenses as a tax deduction.

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