Small Business Owners Who Communicate with Confidence Succeed

As a small business owner, the ability to work and communicate with confidence (when you get bad reviews, others laugh at you, tell you that you should quit or stop supporting you) is paramount if you plan on operating a profitable small business. Of course, it’s easier if others have confidence in you, your abilities, talents and skills, but external confidence will only take you so far.

Importance of Developing Confidence as a Small Business Owner

Consider this. The dictionary defines confidence as, “The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. It goes on to define confidence as, “The state of feeling certain about the truth of something.” Imagine having that strength on the inside of you. Imagine believing in your small business ideas to the point that you become confident that your company is going to be a success.

Of course, and as mentioned in other articles here at Write Money Incorporated, it takes a solid business plan, business marketing strategy, action steps and a reliable financial metric or roi calculation to create and manage a successful enterprise. Just as a distance runner plans to win the 1,500 meters at the Olympics by preparing for that success by training consistently, eating a healthy diet, getting sufficient rest each night and visualizing herself crossing the finish line first, you need to prepare to achieve business success.

The more confident you are in your abilities as a small business owner the more motivated you will be, again from the inside, to keep going, especially on days when customer sales are slow. Remember all companies experience slow customer sales periods. Confidence will keep you on track.

Creative Business Leaders Need True Confidence

It’s also important to note that there’s a difference between true confidence and delusion as delusion is a belief in something that is not real. If you truly have confidence in your creative small business and you’re taking the right steps to keep your company moving forward, you should see results and early. The results might be small (e.g. 1 percent increase in month-to-month sales), but they should exist and be measurable.

If you have confidence you’ll make changes as needed, continue to brainstorm for new ways to approach your small business goals, including cash flow return on investment goals, and find innovative ways to engage employees and connect with customers. To gain confidence (or to keep your confidence at peak levels), consider reading books written for and by successful small business leaders, people who not only know what it takes to succeed in your industry, but who have also achieved the business success you’re striving toward. Also network and communicate with successful business owners, work with an effective mentor and set daily goals and achieve them (this is a great confidence booster!). And, of course, continue to visualize and feel your success, as if it’s already here.

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