Give Your Business Batman Exposure

By Rhonda Campbell

Batman, The Dark Knight Rises, is one of the most anticipated summer movies to hit the big screen in several years. When the movie opens in theatres on July 20, 2012 it is expected to draw millions of eager viewers. It certainly doesn’t hurt that that Batman, The Dark Knight Rises is made for IMAX 3D, allowing the action scenes to pack a mind blowing wallop.

The Dark Knight Rises Marketing Exposure
It also doesn’t hurt that Batman, The Dark Knight, directed by the talented Christopher Nolan and starring the late Heath Ledger, ripped its way up the charts four years earlier in 2008. Okay. And one more thing. Batman has found its way into the human consciousness, first in the form of Detective Comics (DC) books, for decades. The character has been making his way onto one film after another since the 1940s.

It would appear that Batman was always destined for phenomenal success. Children and adults were drawn to the character from the start, but not as passionately as they were drawn to the country’s number one super hero, Superman. But, even that might be changing.

It may have been the resilience of the character’s creators, Bill Finger and Bob Kane, that kept Batman returning for one harrowing challenge after another. Today that resilience is paying off in huge dividends at the box office. But what if Bill Finger and Bob Kane and Batman’s other writers and illustrators had quit after witnessing the unstoppable success of Superman or the cancelling of the Batman television series?

Batman Like Resilience
Clearly, the cape crusader’s exposure would have been greatly diminished. Furthermore, the costs to market and promote modern Batman movies like The Dark Knight Rises would be even higher than they are now. As it is, Warner Brothers and Legendary Entertainment spent about $250 million to make The Dark Knight Rises according to the Los Angeles Times.

Could Batman’s modern day success be due, in large part, to how long the cape crusader has been in the human consciousness? If so, the character’s success at the theater is rooted in the past, in the ongoing efforts each of the character’s writers, illustrators, directors and producers have held onto for decades.

Have you ever wondered if success may be headed your way in similar fashion because you are a resilient business owner, because you connect with a wealth of consumers every day . . . because you refuse to give up? Have you ever wondered what your business would be like if you kept developing, marketing and promoting your products and services, keeping your business name in front of consumers, for years, perhaps decades?

Time for Batman Exposure
In fact, four of the five top grossing films (Avatar, *Titanic, *The Avengers, *Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, *Transformers: Dark of the Moon) was initially a book or actual life event, giving the work time to settle into the human consciousness.

To give your products Batman exposure, you might have to prepare to stay in the race for the long haul. After all, Batman first appeared in comic books in 1939. I wonder if Bill Finger and Bob Kane knew way back then that they were creating a character that would go down in history books. Or I wonder if they simply believed in what they were creating, giving more thought to the character’s development than to how much money they’d yield off royalties made from comic book sales.

Admittedly, it can be tough to keep creating, developing, marketing and promoting products when early sales may not be to your liking. However, if you believe in what you’re doing, if deep down you feel like you should keep moving forward – consider doing just that. Your efforts, especially if they span across years, may one day be just what it takes to give a new twist on your products Batman exposure.

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