Attracting Crowds to Your Facebook Page

By Rhonda Campbell

Facebook is on track to have one billion users within the next several months. But that’s not all. People who have accounts at Facebook visit the social media network one or more times a week. This means, as a business owner, you have multiple opportunities to get your business in front of crowds of consumers. One way you can take advantage of these opportunities is to design a custom Facebook business page. Love_Pour_Over_Me_Facebook_Page

Creating Customized Facebook Business Pages

Creating customized Facebook business pages give you the chance to take advantage of tools and Facebook tabs that aren’t available to you on your generic Facebook page. By creating a Facebook business page you can also have an unlimited number of fans, whereas you are limited to having 5,000 friends on generic Facebook pages.

The good news is, you don’t need a lot of web design skills to design your business Facebook page. To start, click “Create a Page” on Facebook. Select the type of page you want to design. Options you have include:

  • Local business or place
  • Company, organization or institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, band or public feature
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or community

As a business owner, you’re going to want to click “Local Business or Place.” Next, choose a category for your business and read and accept the Facebook terms. To build brand at your page, create a custom cover image; this is the first image visitors see when they come to your Facebook business page. As a tip, companies like Deluxe for Business have tools you can use to design cover images.

Adding More Features to Your Facebook Business Page

Below your over image you will find four Facebook default tabs (events, photos, videos and notes). Click on “Custom Tab” to add unique apps to your page. You can also use apps to build out your page. For example, if you are a book author you can check out apps created using Book Buzzr. If you operate other types of businesses, you can check out apps offered at places like Small Business Computing, App Bistro, Social Media Guide and, of course, the Facebook developers page.

While designing your page, add:

  • Pictures (humans are very visual; it’s not just a man thing)
  • Videos
  • Intriguing bio (let people see how approachable and cool you are)
  • URL to your business website
  • Links to your other social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest)
  • Facebook Likes (let visitors see who else is loving your page)
  • Contact information (make it easy for people to find and connect with your business)
  • Coupons, contests, giveaways, etc. (according to Biz Launch about 40 percent of people who Like Facebook pages do so in order to get coupons, etc.) Love_Pour_Over_Me_Facebook_Deals_Page

Attract Crowds to Your Facebook Business Page

After you design your Facebook business page, begin developing and enriching relationships with members of your target audience to grow your Likes and large numbers of fans. To start attracting crowds to your Facebook business page:

  • Offer free white papers
  • Add games and contests to your page
  • Announce price discounts
  • Visit other Facebook business pages and leave comments to build relationships (not place ads)
  • Create a Facebook ad to gain more page Likes
  • Add a link to your Facebook page at your business website (getting Facebook Likes can help improve your business website’s search engine ranking)
  • Post video interviews at your page

Above all, update your Facebook business page status one or more times a week. It may be one of the best ways to keep your followers and supporters engaged, especially your supporters who only connect with businesses online or using mobile devices.

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