Preparing for Championship Status Like 2012 Olympic Games Participants

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By Rhonda Campbell

The 2012 Olympic Games are set to open in London at the Olympic Stadium on July 27, 2012. This Olympics marks the 30th time the event has been held. Opening ceremonies will kick off with a reception for the Heads of State, including the Her Majesty the Queen. The reception will be followed by a series of happenings including the parade of athletes, a series of speeches and the lighting of the torch.

Olympics Athletes Make Winning Look Easy
Months of preparation have gone into organizing the games that end on August 12. However, many athletes competing in the 2012 Olympic Games have spent years training, doing mental exercises and living with strict dietary routines in preparation for the games. For their monumental efforts some athletes will compete in only one event. To bystanders, onlookers and spectators it looks easy.

Oh how world class athletes make winning look easy. Only if it were actually so. Athletes know how hard they work to attain the levels they reach. That’s what we miss seeing as spectators.

It can cause us to watch the Olympic competitions with a feeling of “why not me?” Not seeing all the work that takes place behind the scenes can also cause us to feel as if winners are “lucky people,” as if somehow, for some unknown reason, fate just likes smiling on them.

Should you be tempted to believe that some people are selected to win while others are made to struggle and scarcely get by, consider asking a world class athlete about her training regimen or subscribe to a sports magazine like Track and Field News (the bible of the sport) and read a retired world class runner’s training schedule. It might shock you to discover that some world class athletes train for four to five or more hours a day, six days a week year round.

When their bodies ache and their minds scream “Stop!” they keep going. When their friends are out partying and taking it easy, they keep working. This they do behind the scenes so that when the time for them to dance on the big stage comes they’re more than ready . . . . and they fool us into thinking it was all so easy. . . .

If you expect to become a business champion, developing in-demand products and services, start preparing for champion status now. Identify your customers, research the market, develop and protect your products and market and promote. Partner with public relations specialists as needed. Create and strengthen your social media presence. Introduce yourself to media stakeholders and develop rewarding relationships with these people.

And above all, believe in your success. Desire it. See it. Taste it. Envision It. Speak it. Prepare properly for however long it takes and one day you may just hold a champion’s winnings in your hands.

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