More Than 15 Proven Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

By Rhonda Campbell

Public speakers, novelists, college professors, politicians and business owners have blogs. If you didn’t know any better you would think that everyone in the world had become a writer.

Benefits of Getting More Blog Traffic

Blogs are effective at getting the word out about your new products, business sales, discount specials and grand openings. You can also use blogs to build relationships with customers and followers. For example, professional athletes blog at websites like Yard Barker, Women Talk Sports and Sports Networker to keep themselves in the consciousness of spectators who enjoy watching them compete

It beats spending thousands of dollars on marketing and promotion campaigns every few years to announce the release of a new pair of sneakers, gym gear or sports vitamins or drinks. Build a large blog following and professional athletes can simply announce the release of their products at their blog and generate healthy product sales.

Proven Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

Regardless of the business you operate, you can too. But first you have to get more blog traffic. You can get more traffic at your business blog by:

    1. Developing content (blog posts) about subjects readers care about [As a tip, you can write about topics trending at social media sites and at major search engines. You can also summarize major news stories, offering your opinion about the stories.]
    2. Mentioning reputable sources in business blog posts
    3. Marketing your blog articles at social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, Floost, MySpace and StumbleUpon

  1. Using automated marketing tools like HootSuite, Buffer and HubSpot
  2. Contracting with freelance writers to create content for you (great way to add a different tone, style and voice to your blog content)
  3. Publishing three or more blog articles a week
  4. Submitting your business blog to blog directories
  5. Building quality back links to your blog (create interesting blog content and website owners will reach out to you, asking if they can link to your content)
  6. Guest blogging on major news and content websites (be sure to include a link to your business blog in all guest blog posts you publish)
  7. Adding videos to your blog
  8. Include feature interviews with market and industry leaders at your blog
  9. Using spam busters to keep spammers from stuffing your blog with spam comments as this can lower your blog’s search engine ranking
  10. Visiting major blogs you are sincerely interested in and posting intelligent and relevant comments at the blog (not spam comments)
  11. Adding links from other articles at your business blog to new blog posts
  12. Editing your blog to check facts and ensure grammar is accurate and that sentence structure flows smoothly
  13. Asking your family, friends and employees to visit your blog and share the link to your business blog on their social media accounts, with their friends, etc.

As you can see there are numerous ways to get more blog traffic. For example, in addition to taking the above steps you can also include your blog URL in your email signature line and on business documents and products. Additionally, if you include ads on your business blogs you can also start generating income off your blog articles.

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