Relishing in Good Back to School Deals

By Rhonda Campbell

Besides the winter holidays, there is probably no other time when shopping mall parking lots fill to capacity the way they do days before the start of school. It’s often a hectic, nerve wrecking time that can challenge the most loving parent’s patience. Admittedly, shopping with children who attend elementary school is typically easier than shopping with pre-teens and teens.

Grab Back to School Deals
Older children, with their unique fashion taste, are rarely delighted with the clothes their parents think they’d look really “cute” or “handsome” in. Then there are the prices attached to school clothes, book bags and school supplies. Sometimes it’s enough to make parents want to throw their hands up.

Fortunately, some retailers offer back to school deals that parents can take advantage. To start, office superstores like Staples offer deals on book bags, paper supplies, pens, pencils, rulers, etc. Get a free membership card from the stores and you can reap additional savings.

Mobile applications like SaleLocator can save parents time when it comes to finding the best back to school deals on clothes, computers and school supplies. Retailers like Apple also offer back to school deals. For example, Apple offers parents and adult students who purchase a Mac with education pricing $100 in savings on applications.

Mashable also tweets deals on computers and laptops for parents and students. Parents who live in cities like Miami, Florida may be able to take advantage of tax free deals on school clothes and supplies they buy.

Coupon and Discount Savings
Retailers, online and offline, also offer back to school coupons parents can print and bring with them to stores. If parents purchase computers, books, clothes, natural beauty products and supplies online, they can look for free shipping deals. They can also shop in bulk at stores like Sam’s Club, Dollar Days, Wholesale Fashion Square, Prime Time Clothing and Costco that offer steep discounts on bulk orders.

It’s also smart to shop for clothes that are going out of season to yield savings. For example, prices on summer clothes generally are slashed at the start of the school year. Parents can get these clothes at steep discounts in late August, early September. If students wear sweaters when the weather is cooler, savings parents yield on short sleeved shirts can be enjoyed during autumn and winter months.

By making a list (before heading out to shop at stores) of back to school clothes and supplies their children need parents may be able to avoid engaging in impulsive shopping. They can also reduce or eliminate arguments by agreeing beforehand with their children on what they will and will not buy while they’re at busy department stores and shopping malls.

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