Look Like a Freelance Writing Online Pro in an Editor’s Eyes

By Rhonda Campbell
Although freelance writers, on average, are paid about $55,000 a year, some writers earn six-figure salaries. However, regardless of the amount of money professional writers are paid or the specific projects they work on, as a general practice writers cannot escape working with editors.

Freelance Writers Unable to Escape Working with Editors

If ever two job roles truly worked together like a hand and a glove, it has to be the relationship between writers and editors. In fact, editors are often the first people writers contact when they are trying to land new freelance writing online and offline assignments. It’s true. Editors can serve a dual role in writers’ lives; they review content writers create and make suggestions to improve that content. But that’s not all editors do. They also review writers’, especially freelance writers, resumes and work experience then decide whether or not to hire writers for upcoming writing jobs.

As a freelance writer who’s already got a few published writing assignments to your credit, you can start looking like a star in the eyes of editors you work with by incorporating the following steps into your daily freelance writing online regimen. Some of the steps work to help you land new freelance writing jobs and new writing clients, while other steps help you to gain additional assignments with current clients.

  • Familiarize yourself with the editorial calendar the publication you’re writing for uses. As a tip, print and digital magazines and journals are types of periodicals that generally develop editorial calendars.
  • Pitch new story ideas to editors (can illustrate assertiveness and a genuine concern for helping clients you serve to grow their readership)
  • Create social media accounts at social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Scoopit and Floost and promote (share) articles you write and publish with your supporters. As a tip, if you publish articles in print publications, consider sharing the issue date and page numbers of your article with your supporters.
  • Review and edit content you create before you submit it to editors (who doesn’t like it when someone else helps to make their job easier)

Freelance Writers Getting More Out of Working with Editors

Also make it a point to stay in touch with editors (e.g. send them holiday greetings, contact them just to say “Hello”). To get more freelance writing jobs, you can also create a database that includes editors’ names, the names of publications they work at and the editors’ contact information (e.g. email address, fax number).

Because editors, like freelance writers, can work for two or more clients simultaneously, you may be able to improve your chances of getting hired by several different clients if you establish rewarding relationships with a handful of editors. Editors also move from employer to employer, perhaps only working for a client for a few months or years. This is a reason why you may find it beneficial to keep in contact with editors. These relationships are valuable. Become a writing star in enough editors’ eyes and you may find yourself getting more freelance writing jobs and enjoying a long, rewarding freelance writing online and offline career.

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