When to Expand Your Small Business Workforce

By Ryan Franklin

An exciting time in the lifespan of a small business is the moment when a business owner realizes it is time to expand. Sometimes this means taking on more inventory, or offering more services. Sometimes it means moving to a larger office building. And, in one of the most exciting situations, it might be time to grow the workforce or staff. Getting new blood and fresh talent can be a great boon for a small business, but there are also some risks involved if it isn’t done at the right time. So how does a business owner know when it is time to hire more staff?

You Have An Un-Met Need

As your business grows and changes, you may find yourself in the position where your customers need something you can’t provide. Hopefully you have staffed your office with a talented, able crew, so you may be able to source that need from within. However, you should know when to admit that your current staff of employees or independent contractors can’t do it all. Trying to fake a specialty can only get you so far, even with a highly skilled team. Once you have identified an important missing link, get to work finding the right employee to fill the need.

Your Employees Have Hit A Wall

Have you been noticing a decrease in overall morale, overhearing dissatisfied grumbling, or picking up on some heightened stress? Your employees might be feeling overworked. Assigning an appropriate amount of work for your employees is an integral part of being a good manager. Everyone has a breaking point, and too much work over too long will actually lead to a decrease in productivity and damage team loyalty and work culture. Talk with your employees if you are noticing a change in performance and determine if there is a legitimate need to hire additional help.

Business is Booming

This is one of those problems that every business wants to have. Your company is doing well, and by all forecasts will continue to grow and grow. When you see a trending positive growth curve, you should prepare yourself to handle that new business. It will a lot easier to hire now while you’re still ahead than wait until you are in the weeds. This is also a great time to assess your business plan and predict where you will want to grow, and hire employees accordingly.

Ready to Start Hiring Employees

So do you think you’re ready to add employees and/or independent contractors to your small business staff? Remember, it’s important to be mindful about how you grow and who you add to your team. It will likely be worth it to seek help and take advantage of any resources you can. For example, the National Federation of Independent Business website has some great tips for smart hiring and recruiting.

Building a great team is incredibly important for a small business. Make sure you know when it is the right time to expand.

Ryan Franklin writes about time management, smart business, and ecommerce on behalf of www.ordoro.com.


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