Ssshhhh . . . Entrepreneurs, It Takes Courage to Manage a Successful Business

By Rhonda Campbell

If you like to call the shots, starting your own small business and working as a small business entrepreneur might be what you’re looking for. . . . maybe. Instead of playing a supporting role, you’ll get to directly influence offline and online sales as well as  consumer perception of your business. You’ll also get to decide who is going to work at your company and who isn’t. It’s such a spectacular view from the outside, those observing you may envy the authority you have, wishing they could make powerful decisions the way you do.

Running Your Own Small Business

But things aren’t always the way they appear to be from the outside. Launch your own small business, become a small business entrepreneur, and you’ll soon discover in addition to getting to choose employees you’ll hire, you also become responsible for filing and tracking employee payroll taxes, retirement withholdings and overall gross and net payroll balances for each employee who works for you. Oh. And another thing . . . once you become a small business entrepreneur, you’ll also discover that you’re responsible for managing cash flows as well as errors made by your firm (doesn’t matter who at your company made the errors). And you’ll find out that you’re responsible for managing results of unexpected business interruptions (e.g. natural disasters), motivating workers, developing employee benefit programs and ensuring your company stays in step with market and industry shifts.

It’s why it’s important to go into business in a field you’re passionate about and experienced at. Passion alone doesn’t always equate into a successful business, regardless of how hard you try. However, passion (enjoying what you do) can give you to be persistent and resilient in the face of unexpected challenges. Like hanging in there during the rough spots in a marriage, you’re gonna need passion to get you over rough patches. You’re also going to need courage, perhaps lots of it.

As a small business entrepreneur, experience, truly understanding and knowing how to make a process, product, service, etc. work – truly knowing how to connect with others and grow a concept – can help you to generate and build customer offline and online sales. Experience and knowledge can also save you time as an entrepreneur. But even experience and knowledge aren’t enough to get over the hump as a business owner. In addition to passion, persistence, resilience, experience and knowledge, you’re gonna need courage to excel as a small business entrepreneur.

Successful Entrepreneurs Need Courage

After all, it takes courage to tell a nice, gentle employee (someone who’s liked by everyone at your company, even the pet dog who hangs out around the water cooler) that they are under performing. It takes courage to stare at your company’s balance sheets and make the decision to cut back on worker hours or lay a few people off. It also takes courage to drop projects that you’re finally noticing are not worth the money you’ve been pumping into them.

But perhaps, and as previously noted, it takes courage to keep going when the winds are blowing hard enough to peel back your eyebrows. Keep forging ahead, spirits up, during these challenging times, these demanding times, and you just might reach an upswing that sets you and your business sailing into the sweetest profits you’ve ever known.

Oh, yes . . . the list of “to dos” for a small business entrepreneur like you is long. After several years, like most other successful entrepreneurs you’ll get accustomed to the pace of your thriving business and take it all in stride. Having a healthy appetite for change, is part of the reason why you’ll thrive as a small business entrepreneur. Regularly stirring up and utilizing courage also helps entrepreneurs like you to succeed. But you probably already know this. Just like you know that it takes courage to lead companies that thrive for decades.

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