Ways You Can Start Making More Money Now

By Rhonda Campbell

If you’ve spent years begging someone to hire you so you can start making money, you might find it hard to believe that you don’t have to send out dozens of job resumes a week, to start making money from home or making money fast. You also don’t have to raise seed money and start your own business. In fact, it’s possible to make hundreds of extra dollars a week by only working on weekends.

When I started researching for material to develop this article with, I was surprised at how much money single parents, people laid off from their jobs and other visionaries earned by putting in a few hours a week. Sure. It takes traits like vision, determination, passion and flexibility to turn significant profits using ideas to make money, but the proofs out here. It can be done. Let me re-word that. It is being done.

Although there are several ways you can start making money online and offline now, we’re only going to cover a few ways that you can increase your income. Keep in mind that some of the how to make money ideas may take longer to start producing income than others. For example, it might take you a year to start making decent money off your blog. However, there are people who have earned several hundred dollars a month making money blogging after they’ve only been blogging a few months.

Freelance Writing

This is one of those gigs that may yield you greater success if you have passion for the job. In other words, if you don’t love spending hours researching material to write with, interviewing people and sitting down and typing articles, freelance writing might not be one of the best money making ideas for you to pursue. However, if you love to write, this gig might be perfect.

To start making money from home while freelance writing, you can build a website and include items like samples of writing work you’ve completed, newspaper clippings with your byline, links to websites you’ve written copy for, etc. Also upload a list of clients, particularly brand name clients, you’ve worked for. And of course, include your contact information (i.e. name, website URL, business telephone number, email address) at your professional freelance writer website. Your website will help clients who are looking for writers to develop content for them find you.

In order to find clients who pay writers to complete freelance writing jobs for them, create job alerts at major job boards (i.e. CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed). Also, search writing job boards at places like Media Bistro, Journalism Jobs, Freelance Writing Jobs, Higher Education Jobs, Freelance Job Openings, LinkedIn and Morning Coffee. You can also type “writing jobs” into Twitter and Facebook’s search boxes to pull up writing jobs.

The amount of money you make freelance writing depends on the hourly rate you earn from each job. As a tip, try to land gigs that allow you to make $30 an hour and up. For example, if an article pays $25 and it takes you 2.5 hours to find and claim the article in a client’s database, research the article, write and edit the article and submit the article into a content management system, you’re only making $10 an hour. Pay attention to how much time you’re actually spending on writing content, and again, strive to make $30 or more an hour.

Yard Sales

Should you collect things like antiques, souvenirs, records, chairs, etc., you can start making money fast by holding yard sales. Put price tags on larger items. Smaller products can go without a price as you may want to negotiate with customers on the price of these items. Start holding yard sales on the same days and hours of the week or month and you may gain a following. To advertise your yard sales, post information about the events at social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, be sure to post large “Yard Sale” signs in your yard and on street corners near your house. Believe it or not, some people make $1,000 and more working weekend yard sales.

Virtual Assistant

This is a job where getting a certification through organizations like the International Virtual Assistants Association may help you start making money from home, o, if you rent office space outside your home,  start making money on the internet. Types of assignments you can complete include scheduling appointments for your clients, typing correspondence, answering telephones and creating presentations. To get started you generally need a computer, printer and telephone. If you offer a broad range of services and speak two or more languages, you may be able to increase the amount of money you earn as a virtual assistant.

Teach Classes

You can start making money from home or on the road by offering online and/or in-person training courses. Although you don’t need to have prior teaching experience to teach training courses, having teaching experience at a school or corporation, may lend you more credibility. If you’ve worked as a life coach, you can also offer training seminars to your clients. You can also teach seminars about subjects you’re knowledgeable about (i.e. gardening, sewing, marketing, writing, public speaking, guitar playing). The International Association of Information Technology Trainers, National Exercise Trainers Association, International Association of Dog Obedience Instructors and the American Seminar and Training Association are a few organizations you can work with to launch and grow your training offerings.

Developing Applications

Use your technology skills to develop applications for clients so you can start making money on the internet. If you land deals with mid-size and large businesses, you can earn several thousand dollars for each application you develop. You can also start making money developing applications if you sell the applications at your business website. Add links for readers to purchase and download your applications from your blog, and you might start attracting hundreds or thousands of people to your blog. Of course, if you include ads at your blog, you’ll only make that much more money.

Other ways you can start making more money now include:

Selling ads on your own radio show (Blog Talk Radio and Talk America are types of places you can start your own radio show at)

Blogging (Grow your blog and start making money blogging by receiving money from businesses who pay to place direct ads on your blog. Of course, you can also place Google Adsense ads, etc. at your blog to start making money on the internet.)

Design Websites (In addition to designing websites, you can design social media sites for paying clients, banner ads, company newsletter templates, book trailers, etc.)

Sell Vendor Space (Organize large events like conferences and festivals and you can start making money fast selling space to vendors so they can sell their products at the events)

Flea Markets (This one is similar to yard sales, except flea markets are generally marketed by several people. Because various vendors attend flea markets, you may also have a larger audience to sell your goods to than you would at a yard sale.)

There are many other ways you can start making money now. These are just a few ideas you can act on to increase your income. The good news is that these ideas don’t require much overhead or upfront money from you.

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