Where to Use Digital Content to Grow Business Revenues

By Rhonda Campbell

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Okay. I’ll give you this. Videos and pictures have ramped up on the Internet over the last few years. There’s Pinterest, Instagram (which Facebook bought for a cool $1 billion early in 2012) and, of course, the king of video, YouTube. Yet, when it comes to digital content creation, digital content distribution and digital content marketing, written information remains queen of the mountain on the Internet. It prevails at social media networks, blogs, websites and digital media outlets.

Tips to Develop Digital Content that Increases Business Revenues
If your business doesn’t have quality written digital content in enough places on the Internet, you could be missing out on opportunities to connect with online users. You could be missing out on opportunities to grow business revenues online. Because we love you here at Write Money Incorporated, we’ve put together a list of digital content syndication outlets, directories and platforms you can start publishing digital content at. But, first we want to give you some tips.

• Keep online readers in mind when developing digital content. In other words, write in a tone and voice that readers enjoy and can easily digest. When writing for the internet, this means you’ve gotta keep sentences and paragraphs short.
• Place key points in digital content at the top of articles or online blog posts
• Consider using search engine optimization (SEO) keywords and phrases in digital content (but make sure the content reads naturally). This applies to online content like articles, blog posts and website content.
• Provide valuable information in digital content you write
• Consider hiring a professional freelance writer if you’re not confident in your writing skills (that . . . or you can take a short online or offline writing class to get up to speed)
• Add online articles and blog posts you write to your website, thereby increasing your website content.
• Regularly develop new website content using online articles and blog posts to raise your company’s ranking in major search engines. For example, you might add new 2 to 5 new online articles or blog posts to your website a week.

List of Digital Content Syndication and Digital Content Marketing Platforms
Many digital content syndication and digital content marketing platforms let you create accounts at their websites for free. If you develop relationships with other business owners and freelancers at these websites, you can start marketing these people’s content. This, in turn, may help you to use your digital content to grow business revenues.

Following are digital content syndication and digital content marketing platforms you can open accounts at to start growing your digital content, so thousands, perhaps millions, of online users find you. Remember, the more online users who find your company’s website, the more customers you can develop. This can lead to increased business revenues.

• Yahoo! (Good way to earn extra money while growing amount of digital content that includes links to your company website.) – www.yahoo.com
• Hub Pages – www.hubpages.com
• Scribd – www.scribd.com (great for digital content like online articles, how-to guidebooks, reports, etc.)
• Ezine Articles – www.ezinearticles.com
• Go Articles – www.goarticles.com
• Article City – www.articlecity.com
• Technorati – www.technorati.com
• Guest online article and blog posts at major websites (content the website owner and ask if you can write and publish digital content for their website or blog)

One More Valuable Tip About Digital Content
Oh. One more tip – always include your company website URL in your article and blog posts byline. For example, you can write something like “[Your Name] writes for Write Money Incorporated, a website that provides information to support and grow small businesses. To learn more about Write Money Incorporated, visit their website at www.writemoneyinc.com.” In place of Write Money Incorporated, simply type your business name and website URL.

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