Earning a Steady Income While Freelancing

By Rhonda Campbell

When print magazines and newspapers were more in vogue, you could earn an attractive steady income working as a freelance writer. Back then, to start earning a steady income, you’d contact magazine, newspaper and journal editors and suggest story ideas to land writing work. That’s changing largely due to the growth of digital content.

Paying Gigs for Freelance Writers

Although some digital magazines, newspapers and journals pay freelance writers $350 and up to write a single article, the majority of digital periodicals don’t pay these rates. And if freelance writers do land these higher paying gigs, the volume of available work may not be sufficient to allow freelancers to pay all of their bills from writing.

In this case, freelancer writers can get hired by digital content marketing and information companies. Thing is, these companies that have lots of work freelance writers can take on, generally pay less. Freelance writers who take these gigs might have to knock out 10 or more articles a day to keep the hawk away from the door.

Earning a Steady Income as a Freelance Writer

Fortunately, there is a way around this. If freelance writers are struggling to land enough writing gigs that pay high rates, they can subsidize their freelance writing with e-book, guidebook, report and white paper writing. Of course, they’re going to have to market and promote their e-books to generate a buzz around their latest e-book offerings. To get the word out about their e-books, digital guidebooks, reports, white papers, etc., freelance writers can use social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Floost and Scoopit.

Another way freelance writers can start earning a steady income while freelancing is to take on a part-time gig. For example, freelance writers can teach at local colleges, offer online and offline training seminars, etc. They can also work part-time jobs with employers operating in industries that interest them, part-time jobs that will help them sharpen their writing and communications skills.

It can stabilize a freelancer writer’s weekly, monthly and annual income. It’s also a good way to lower the amount of out-of-pocket quarterly taxes freelance writers have to pay. During slow freelance writing periods, taking on non-writing work can help freelancers get over difficult financial humps.

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