Keeping Posts at the Top of News Feeds to Advance Facebook Marketing Strategies

By Rhonda Campbell

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed how posts slide down the newsfeed as users write and publish more current posts. This happens whether you’re posting messages to the general Facebook news feed or you’re posting messages to a Facebook group. It can make getting traction with Facebook marketing strategies challenging at times.

Facebook Marketing via Promoted Posts

Some small business owners, artists and entrepreneurs get around this (or at least try to) by posting the same messages to groups and news feeds several times a day. The downside to this Facebook marketing strategy is that it can cause you to be viewed as a spammer, not something you want if your goal is to be seen as a respected leader.

Perhaps because it realized its users were dealing with this very issue, Facebook recently unveiled its posts promoting marketing tool. Messages are promoted and kept at higher ranks in news feeds longer via the service. To promote one message can run you $7. As often stated here at Write Money Inc., should you choose this option, take the time to analyze the results of messages you promote. No need in spending money on marketing and advertising tools that don’t get you the results you want.

Facebook sends people who participate in its promoted posts marketing campaign metrics that show the results of the promotion one or more days after the message has been promoted. Because the service was new as of October 2012, the social media giant is still tweaking this and other Facebook marketing strategies. Therefore, if you participate in the promoted posts marketing campaign, don’t be surprised if you receive a survey from Facebook asking you to provide your feedback on the tool.

More Facebook Marketing Strategies

Another of the Facebook marketing strategies you can use as a small business owner or entrepreneur is to posts questions or comments, links to newspaper articles, etc. that generate lots of feedback and likes. As people continue to comment and respond to your Facebook posts, the posts can stay at the top of news feeds on the main Facebook page and in Facebook groups. Should this happen often enough, your small business may start to create an impression of readers’ subconscious.

After all, the driving force behind social media is conversation. The more you develop posts that engage readers, inspiring them to provide feedback, the better. In addition to taking the aforementioned steps, you can respond to questions and comments other Facebook users leave. Another benefit you can gain from commenting on other users’ posts is that you can be seen as someone who is sincerely interested in others. If all you do is posts book excerpts, sales and discount links to your products, etc., people may start to view you as someone who values herself and what you want to say more than you value others and what they have to say as well, and no one likes that.

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