Championing Products thru Online Radio Stations

By Rhonda Campbell

Online radio is a great marketing tool. The costs to market on some internet radio stations is relatively low; yet, the rewards could be significant.

Every day people do it. Whether they’re spending a relaxing weekend driving country back roads or they’re preparing a delicious meal in the kitchen, people tune into free online radio stations. What are they listening to? Talk shows, just about every type of music genre there is, sports, news and weather reports. Free online radio has gained millions of listeners, people who tune into educational and entertaining programs at work, while traveling, while at play and at home. It’s a growing media tool you could use to potentially reach millions of loyal listeners, introducing them to your best business products and services.

Get Your Products in Front of Online Radio Audiences reported that in 2007, online radio recorded “4.85 billion listening hours.” Furthermore, a J P Morgan survey reported that the online radio station listener base has grown by 27 percent each year since 2000. As many as 33 million Americans tune into an online radio station each week. Target your online radio marketing efforts to the right audiences and you could introduce your small business to a significant number of loyal listeners.

You can get your small business message in front of the growing online radio listening audience if you contact hosts of talk and music internet radio stations directly and ask if you can schedule an interview with them. Should you choose this approach, craft a professional email to online radio hosts. Type the internet radio hosts’ first and last name in the salutation. Also, include your name, business name, website URL and reason you’re requesting an interview. For example, if you own a hardware store, you might say that you want to let local residents know how to keep their homes safe during storms. In your email to hosts at online radio stations, tie your products to benefits local residents appreciate.

Champion Your Products on Online Radio Stations

To champion your products and services via free online radio stations, also consider working out advertising deals with station owners. Because some stations are new, you might be able to create low costs deals. However, if radio stations have tens of thousands of regular listeners, you might have to pay higher rates to secure advertising spots for your products. As a tip, some online radio directories like Blog Talk Radio rank their shows by popularity. If you’re looking to save on advertising dollars, consider reaching out to hosts of online radio shows that reach your target audience and that are ranked midway down the top of popularity ranking lists.

Large free online radio directories include Blog Talk Radio,, Shout Cast, Radio Tower, Slacker and Pandora. Visit these directories and you could find hundreds of radio shows in an hour or less. You can save yourself time by reaching out to internet radio hosts who develop shows that align with the types of products and services your small business sells. Don’t be shy about contacting hosts regarding interviews and ads as some hosts regularly seek out people to interview. Other hosts are eager to find businesses to work out advertising announcement deals with as a way to fund their shows.

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