Why you are leaving your job

By Rhonda Campbell
Get a few jobs under your belt, and the reasons why you are leaving your job will change. Not enough pay, long work hours, demanding supervisor or combative colleagues — those are reasons some people submit a resignation letter at work. However, in the ever changing workplace, the reasons that people are leaving their jobs is also changing.

The humor in the below cartoon points to a growing trend in the business world, an increase in company relocation and reorganization activities. It’s no wonder employees get nervous when companies announce that they are entering an acquisition or moving a department to a different city, state or country.

By exercising a little common sense, employees can figure out that not everyone is going to make the move. This is where a caring and quality human resources team comes into play. The right human resources team can make adjusting to company changes less stressful, even for those who decide that they are leaving their job.

Listening to concerned workers, encouraging senior management to regularly communicate with employees and providing workers with two or more (i.e. town halls, conference calls, email, confidential office meetings) ways to express their concerns about upcoming changes. These and other steps might not ease all worker concerns, but they could make future business changes easier for workers to digest.

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