Online Content Marketing that Reaches Your Target Audience

By Rhonda Campbell

Online content marketing is a new term for an old marketing practice. Adults have been depending on researchers and storytellers to keep them up-to-date on what’s going on in the world, to present new ways for them to be entertained and given profound reasons to stay engaged, plugged in, for centuries. Today, it’s trusted content writers who serve as non-fiction storytellers, offering new ideas and reporting on past events. Impassioned by marketing goals, talented content writers, in partnership with gifted technologists, are also altering the ways information is delivered to the general public.

Developing Online Content Marketing
Key tools many content writers have been turning to so they can distribute information to the public at warped speed are social media networks. Automated content distribution systems like Buffer, Onstream, Akamai, Radiance and HootSuite have made it easier for writers to market business products and services inside the body of an engaging story. It’s a less expensive, perhaps even a less intrusive, way to share information.

Yet, simply creating and distributing SEO, video and web content is not enough. Content must grab the attention of thousands of Internet users; it must build and create a buzz.

Traction with Online Content Marketing
Instead of continuing to republish content, writers have to develop content that encourages sharing, so each person who reads the content becomes a “distributor”. When this happens, online content is getting traction, an event that occur for several reasons:

• Online content marketing campaigns add value to readers’ lives
• Interviews with influential leaders are built into feature articles
• Videos and pictures of rarely seen historic landmarks are added to online content
• Audio and video of current events are captured and shared with millions of online users
• Quotes and advice from information owners distinguishes companies distributing content as experts in their field
• Readers are given opportunities to post comments, providing valuable feedback, so they feel a part of a growing trend, etc.
• Long believed facts are rebuffed, showing that although old beliefs die hard, it doesn’t mean those old beliefs were ever right

Sharing Online Content Marketing Campaigns
Places where writers can distribute and share online content marketing final products varies. For example, writers can use press releases and radio to reach millions of people. Other tools they can use include:

• Social media networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Scoopit, Floost)
• Blogs
• Content directories
• Websites, including business, community, local and news websites (i.e. guest blogging)
• Video distribution outlets like YouTube and Vimeo

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