Don’t be afraid of Twitter search

By Rhonda Campbell

Just because there are more than half a billion Twitter user accounts, doesn’t mean you’ll get your products in front of 10 percent of those people — ever. If you hope to grow your Twitter search influence, you’re going to have to market with precision. Define who you want to use Twitter search to find you, and it’s certainly not everyone. Get clear about who your products benefits.

For example, if you sell eyeglasses, you should target organizations, including physicians, that treat adults and children with eye diseases in your Twitter search strategies. You should also target agencies that require people to pass eye exams for licensing. You could do this by tweeting motivational quotes, short facts and teasers that directly relate to eye-wear, including how wearing glasses could give someone an elegant or educated appearance.

In other words, to get the most out of Twitter search, your tweets should be precise, designed to attract the very people who are most likely to benefit from buying and using your products. Each post your publish should achieve this mission, doesn’t matter if you post a cartoon, picture, video or comment.

Because you’re not going to know how your target audience is going to respond to your Twitter marketing efforts until you take some type of action, be willing to try new things. Post a mix of videos, pictures, cartoons, articles, interview clips, etc. Measure how many times a video, picture or article is retweeted when you post on a weekday versus when you post similar content on weekends.

If retweets drop off for videos when you post them on a Monday or Tuesday, post videos on Friday and Saturday and measure the response you get. The same applies to other types of content you post on Twitter.

To highlight keywords and phrases, place hashtags (Facebook is starting to use hashtags to improve its users’ search experience) before the words and phrases you want to stand out in your posts. You can get the most out of hashtags, if you do a little research and use keywords and phrases that are used in top searches. Trending topics, top search engines phrases, etc. have worked successfully. However, make sure keywords and phrases you include in your Twitter search post strengthen your personal or business brand.

Keep trying new things (i.e. time of day you post certain types of content). You’ll find out when to focus your energy on Twitter. Marketing lessons you learn while working Twitter, might also be transferable to other social media networks.

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