How to capitalize on Facebook Hashtags

By Rhonda Campbell

Imagine being able to click on Facebook hashtags and automatically be sent to Facebook pages, posts or news pieces that you want to learn more about? Facebook is going to make that happen as it unveils its hashtag system. The ability to keep up with trends, hobbies and favorite categories is going to go up-up-up.

Categorize posts with Facebook hashtags

As previously noted, Facebook hashtags will make it easier for entrepreneurs to categorize posts, focusing on certain keywords, products and services as they push information out to their Facebook friends and followers. When using Facebook hashtags, the ultimate goal is to turn a word or short phrase into a trend. As with Twitter, a beginning rule to apply and remember whenever posting to Facebook is simply – do not overuse hashtags.

If you create a spreadsheet that list hashtags you will use in weekly Facebook posts, you can track which keywords pull in the most traffic to your website or blog. You can also determine the best times of the week or day to use certain types of hashtags. For example, you might find that food related hashtags work best on Friday evenings.

Hopefully, websites like and What The Trend will include stats on Facebook hashtags in their analytical reports, similar to how they currently do for Twitter. Until this happens, hop over to and What The Trend. Because many Twitter users also have Facebook accounts, include a few keywords that are trending on Twitter in your Facebook hashtags. Monitor the results via traffic analysis software like Onestat, ZoomStats, Meta Sun and Web Trends Live.

Also, organize where hashtags will be positioned in Facebook posts. Some entrepreneurs use two to three hashtags at the end of a posts, others spread hashtags out in a posts, limiting the overall use of hashtags to two or three per posts.

Of note, if you’ve used hashtags in your Facebook posts before, there’s no need to go back and redo those posts. Facebook is going to go back and make older posts with hashtags clickable. On the other hand, if you haven’t been adding hashtags to keywords, it may be a good idea to go back and do so.

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