Amazingly successful home business

By Cynthia Ranking

Less than $6 a month for a hosting service, a $700 laptop or computer and a $150 printer/fax/scanner combo machine is what successful home business owners have used to get started. Thanks to the Internet, gone are the days when it was necessary to lease office space, paying $500 or more a month for the space, to launch a new business.

You can learn something from a successful home business
Christine Hughes, owner of Darling Studio, is an entrepreneur who followed a similar path. At her official website, Christine shares, “I have been making things in one form or another since I was a little girl, but it wasn’t until seven years ago that I made it my life.” This creative artist meshed her innate talents and learned skills to develop logos, websites, postcards, blog designs and stationery for clients. She also does email marketing, direct mail, business consulting and packaging. Although she’s a one woman show, she partners with photographers, printers and developers to manifest her clients’ visions.

Michelle Tunno Buelow is another entrepreneur who took her passions and turned them into a profitable home based business – name of the home based business is Bella Tunno. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Bella Tunno is a one-stop shop for unique (and we do mean unique) baby and mother gifts and everyday products like blankets, stroller clips, baby knee pads (who would have thunk of it!) and gift sacks that are loaded with items mothers really appreciate having nearby.

It took a second for Michelle’s unique designs to catch on, but once they did, she was off and running. Retailers from as far away as California contacted Michelle, asking if they could carry her products in their stores. Talk about a sign of growing home business success. Today, Bella Tunno reels in more than $1 a year. Oh, and it continues to operate as a home based business.

Another owner of a successful home business is, Mark Rogers, took his love of photography to launch Frame Destination, Inc in 2004, as reported in an Entrepreneur feature. Not even 40 years old when he started his home based business, Mark got the idea to create and sell customized picture frames after he searched for an odd frame online and couldn’t find it. That experience taught him that there was a need he could fill. Six months and a $30,000 loan were key ingredients in Mark’s success. As far as headcount, Mark relies on a part-time contractor to help manage work overflow. He also left his job as an electrical engineer, a career that generally pays a handsome salary. But, it’s hard not to follow your passions, especially when they lead to $500,000 or more in annual revenues.

Reading about successful home business owner’s triumphs not only inspires. Their stories and feature interviews also hold snippets of tips, advice and guidance you can use to launch your own successful home based business. A walk through successful home based business websites can give you insights into actions you can take to enhance your websites. But, don’t stop there. Visit social media sites of successful home businesses, discovering the different styles, tones and branding they use, actions that work.

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