Great holiday gifts for entrepreneurs

By Rhonda Campbell

Busy entrepreneurs rarely take the time to buy themselves great holiday gifts, but do they ever appreciate getting great holiday gifts. Winning organization and time management skills are hallmarks of great entrepreneurs. In today’s busy work environment, successful entrepreneurs are turning to automated tools to save time while completing key projects. Among these tools are dual monitors, wireless headsets, smartphones and tablets.

Great holiday gifts business owners appreciate
Accessories that come with electronic devices also help make entrepreneurs’ lives easier. A business owner doesn’t have to be hard of hearing to appreciate a tablet sound enhancer or a set of quality computer speakers. Regarding speakers, there are also speaker tables on the market. These work well in conference rooms.

If you have a marketer in your life, you might want to consider getting them an iPhone kit, a kit that comes with a case and a wide angle lens. It’s this kit that marketing entrepreneurs use to create videos with. Look for an iPhone kit that is water resistant. This way the marketer can develop videos even when it’s raining outside.

You can encourage busy entrepreneurs to stay healthy by gifting them with a juicer, the type of multi-speed juicer that easily handles chewy vegetables and large pieces of fruit, blending them into delicious and healthy smoothies. A gift certificate to a spa is a great holiday gift that encourages entrepreneurs to relax, something the best business owners can use a reminder about.

Since accidents happen despite an entrepreneurs best intentions (or their focused attention), a spill or water proof keyboard is a plus. A waterproof keyboard can make the difference between a business owner screaming or cursing after she spills a cup of tea or juice while reaching for a calculator or a project folder.

Other great holiday gifts for entrepreneurs are expandable day bags. Laptops, project folders and confidential documents can be stored in expandable day bags. Ruled day calendars, Bluetooth speakers, transportable disc drives, iPads and multi-functional printers are other great gifts for entrepreneurs. And, of course, you can never go wrong by giving a business owner a gift certificate to a clothing store.

Most of all, it’s the support you give business owners that matter most. Your encouragement throughout the year is also a gift that simply cannot be topped.

Rhonda Campbell, an East Coast journalist, is the owner of Off The Shelf radio and publisher of the new books Long Walk Up and Love Pour Over Me.

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