Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Debuts

By Rhonda Campbell
Samsung has been developing patented technology to entertain people for 70 years. Founded in Korea, Samsung began as a trading company. Since its founding, the company has developed personal computers, televisions and mobile telephones.

Samsung continuing to be a frontrunner in the mobile technology space

Although Samsung’s hasn’t received as large a share of the mobile telephone market as Apple, it is a leader in the industry, having developed well over 800 million mobile telephones. At the start of the new year, the company released its much talked about Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Similar to how Apple advertised its latest mobile telephone as a sleeker phone, Samsung is approaching the unveiling and advertising of the Galaxy Tab 3.

Features of the new Galaxy Tab 3 include a 7-inch display screen, direct Wi-Fi accessibility, 8 gigabytes of memory and light sensor support. CNET reports that, “To shrink the tablet and still retain a 7-inch display, Samsung moved the menu bar from the screen to the bezel.” Video chatting and a game and music hub are also built into the latest Samsung Galaxy mobile telephone.

If you work a career that requires you to create or share videos, you might be delighted to know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has enough room for you to store at least 1,000 titles. The wait time related to video downloads is brief; at times the download time might seem nonexistent.

Regarding the music hub, after you identify your favorite songs, you can start building your music library. Because the mobile telephone remembers the types of music you initially download, it can suggest new songs for you to add to your library. As with other search products, this can be done while surfing the Internet.

As a gamer, it’s the 8 gigabytes of memory that you might appreciate most, especially considering the amount of space some video games, with their many images can demand. If you appreciate a sleek design, the chance to slip your mobile telephone in your coat pocket or your purse without so much as a second thought, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 might prove to be a welcomed piece of advancing technology.

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