Get creative and build a successful business

By Rhonda Campbell
The first years of your working career might be spent trying to find jobs that pay the rent or mortgage. If you use your creative or artistic abilities several times before and after you start working these “pay the bills” jobs, you might feel a twinge of regret, something pulling you to change careers. This is what happened to Christine Hughes, owner of Darling Studio.

Take creative talents from part-time to full-time business success
Christine shares at her official website that, “Like many artists, I took the long way here. I studied communications instead of art, trying to do the right thing. I traveled up and down the coasts and throughout Europe, trying to find myself. I worked as a retail monkey, a coffee slinger, a newspaper reporter, and a web producer, trying to make a living.” She goes on to say, “I tried everything but the right thing.”

To build a successful enterprise using your creative talents, analyze the market, checking to see how you can use your talents to fill a perceived consumer need. You might spot this need as you’re searching for a product or service online. Follow your frustration with how you can’t find what you’re looking for; could you create the product or service yourself?

Some business leaders suggest that you start a business part-time. This way you could continue to receive income from your current job. Other leaders advise against this. As reported in Bloomberg Businessweek, MGPS business consultant, Phillip Moorcroft shares that launching a business part-time significantly reduces your financial and psychological resolve to make the business successful. Moorcroft says, “Going in with the Plan B mentality—”I’ll try this for six months and if it fails, I’ll go work for my uncle”—is not workable.”

Creative changes and traditions

To increase your chances of achieving ongoing business success, you’re going to have to take the traditional route. This means that you have to manage your time wisely. During the early days of your business, tracking your time in a day planner or spreadsheet could prove invaluable. Market your business, partnering with copywriters, advertising agents and marketing specialists as needed.

Creative time management techniques include exercising in the morning . . . one less thing to think about after you start working. When you’re creative, you may also appreciate your children’s artwork, letting the work inspire your next graphic arts design idea.

By developing relationships with the media, you can get coverage for local, regional, national and international events your business is involved with. This includes charitable, educational and industry-specific events. Be creative. Open up to the idea that answers to challenges you’ve been facing are at these events. For example, instead of advertising your new novel, SEO marketing firm, cafe, etc., consider hitting up these events to find a rare and innovative sales specialist, mobile app developer or outrageously funny assistant.

Be professional. Treat your business as if it is your sole source of income. If you don’t you could end up working your talents part-time forever. You could also get frustrated and start to believe that your talents will never afford you a full-time job you love.

Keep letting your creativity pay off

Other creative ways you could use your talents to generate a “lovely” income are to use pillows, material, old calendars, etc. that you’d normally toss in the garbage to design things like business cards, event handouts and branding materials. Let your sense of humor sing! Let it have it’s way!  Tie business mishaps in with your humor. Create one business related humorous quote a day.  Post the quote at your website, blog or social media accounts. Heck!  You could even create an e-book from the quotes!

Track the results of your efforts. Don’t just distribute press releases or run social media marketing campaigns. Measure the results of these efforts. You might find that working a social media ad three different ways generates more sales than using one ad by itself. To stay encouraged and inspired as you use your creative talents to build a successful enterprise, read books and stories of other creatives who found ongoing business success.

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