Dream chasers need to stay away from heartache

By Eric Bradford
Dream chasers need a bit of delusion to keep pressing forward, especially during times when their efforts yield little to no results despite how long they have been burning the midnight oil. Even when dreams are fulfilled, there’s the work of maintaining a dream. In fact, this work has, at times, seemed harder than realizing a dream in the first place.

If dream chasers aren’t careful, they could become overly frustrated and give up. They could also fall into depression or get trapped in the haze of a dream and ignore signs that it’s time to start heading down a different path. Should people who are chasing dreams not heed signs soon enough, they could lose their life savings, deteriorate relationships or convince themselves that all they need to be happy is the fulfillment of their dreams.

Following are top tips that could help dream chasers avoid the above (and more) traps and slip ups. They’re worth paying attention to whether dreamers are just pursuing a goal, in the middle of dream fulfillment or working to maintain a dream that has already been realized.

  • Find four activities that you absolutely love. Make sure that one of these activities brings in enough money to cover all of your bills. This is a must for dream chasers who are seeking ways to pay the bills. The other three activities should be something that works wonders at getting you to relax, something that stirs up your creativity and something that puts you in contact with other people who share passions similar to yours.
  • Spend time nurturing two or more relationships each day.
  • Read books that teach you new things.
  • Watch movies that leave you feeling good.
  • As dream chasers, pursue dreams because you love what you do, not to impress others.
  • Value your health by eating vitamin rich foods, drinking plenty of water and getting regular exercise.
  • Be honest about your finances.
  • Keep a journal to spot your patterns, especially patterns you’d love to hide from yourself.
  • Pay attention to nighttime dreams, but don’t use them as your only guide.
  • Heed your instincts.
  • Stay in touch with friends.
  • Do something fun that has nothing to do with the dream you’re pursuing.
  • Budget how much money you’ll invest in your dream.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Accept support.
  • Go full tilt after dreams before you take on commitments like children, a mortgage, etc.
  • Get the education you need to realize your dreams.
  • Keep learning.
  • Don’t let short term events ruin your long term goals.
  • Remember that change is a part of life in this world.
  • Love yourself – really, really love yourself.
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