You can’t win all by yourself

By Ericka Simpson

Have you ever fantasized about setting a record in your industry or profession and doing all the heavy lifting by yourself? Have you ever dreamed about outperforming top athletes, overcoming injuries and other challenges, and coming out on top, surpassing anything your peers have ever done? Maybe you’re working to build an innovative company on your own, a firm that’s a leader in the industry you work in.

The solo effort is so tiring
Would it surprise you to hear that your dream is an old dream? You might not believe that this dream is void of truth unless you give it a shot. But, then you’d be welcoming frustration, that or you might finally awaken to the fact that you can’t win all by yourself.

Think about it, educators, scientists, entertainers, athletes and companies that succeed have large numbers of supporters. They have lots of people who get them word-of-mouth exposure, sharing information about their products, services and innovations.

More than that, people living victorious lives realize that we are all connected. They have given up the concept that they can win all by themselves, alone. They search for, recruit, accept and support talent. Giving others the chance to shine is part of their experience. They wouldn’t dare tell you that you can’t rise up or win.

Don’t wear yourself out turning down support
But, they know that you need the right resources or support. They know that you can’t win all by yourself. You need policies, guidelines, processes and procedures that take you to where you want to be. You need more than money. You need people who believe in you and what you’re trying to do.

Do you want to win? Get clear about your mission or purpose, as in why does your organization exist at all? Why? What are the by-laws or rules that will serve as boundaries or a path to keep you and each person at your organization on course to fulfilling your mission or purpose?

Build your talent. You need to know the specific resources (talent) you need to fulfill your mission or purpose. Not every organization needs the same talent or resources. Also, find the people who your mission or purpose serves. Develop processes that allow you to connect with these people frequently.

Give these people what they perceive that they need and you could gain long-term supporters. Value every resource at your disposal. Value every person your mission puts you in contact with. You can’t win without these people. You also can’t continue to fulfill your mission or purpose without these people. It’s these people who will help you to win; do it right, and you and your supporters will win together, not one loser among you.

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