10 Content Marketing Strategies

By Rhonda Campbell

Content marketing strategies matter because, as it is with music and stage, so it is with writing. Great writing, by itself, may not be enough to get your business, books, online portfolio or mobile app noticed. Fortunately, much of the work required to attract attention to your online content doesn’t have to be performed manually.

Grow your content marketing range

Automated tools, networking and sincere social engagement play a role in the following 10 content marketing strategies that may drive traffic to your business, books, blog or portfolio. The first of the 10 content marketing strategies is simple.

Use larger font sizes for your blog posts titles and subtitles. Major media publishers use this technique. Check out articles at media publishers like the New York Times, Ebony, Huffington Post and Publisher’s Weekly. Larger title font sizes can attract the eye of readers and search engines.

More of the 10 content marketing strategies are:

Interview industry leaders and feature those interviews at your blog, video site and social media networks. Interviews are great because it ensures that content at your blog is unique. Use clips, images and snippets from the feature interview to create short videos and social media content. Get approval from the leader you interview to use their feedback at these other spots.
Identify someone to lead your content marketing strategies. If you’re a one woman show, tag – you’re it! Hold this person responsible for developing print, audio, video, mobile and online marketing plans.

Follow social media influencers

These are people who have 10K or more followers. They may also be people who only have a few hundred incredibly engaged followers. Look for comments and likes. Even if an influencer only has 300 followers, if 25% or more of his followers respond to his posts, his followers are engaged.
Respond to social media and blog site comments and questions. Respond quickly and consistently to start building relationships. Thank people for connecting and communicating with you.
Spice blog posts up with large, clear images. Similar to feature interviews, shoot for pictures that you or one of your team members’ takes. Uniqueness goes a long way. Add alt tags to your pictures (don’t forget the copyright) to get the most out of these content marketing strategies.
Create a slide share that enhances the written content in your blog posts.
Develop two or more social media profiles. Do you write novels, take wedding photographs and work as a dentist? Create a profile for each of your personas. Develop online posts and content marketing strategies for audiences that fit each of your passions or lines of work.
Try a podcast. Create a podcast and offer tips and advice. Steer podcasts content marketing strategies toward a specific passion or line of work. Open and close the podcasts by alerting folks to your blog. Give out your blog URL two or more times during each podcasts.
Offer contests, free mobile apps, quizzes and surveys at your blog. Track the metrics. If you see an uptick in your blog traffic after posting contests, apps, quizzes or surveys, consider adding these reach-outs at your blog on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

The last of the 10 content marketing strategies is a must. Be consistent. Scheduling social media posts using automated publishing tools like HootSuite and Buffer is one way to increase consistency.

Stay positive. Some of your content may take off at once, attracting hundreds or thousands of readers, seemingly without effort. Others may only pull in dozens of readers, regardless of how much time you spend sharing and marketing them. Keep at it. Continue to incorporate changes to your blog.

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