Your life calling

By Rhonda Campbell

The way to reach your destiny is to accept change. You can resist, but you cannot stop it. You are not going to stay where you are right now. Even if you are pursuing your life calling, change will occur.

George Bernard Shaw said that, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” At first glance, change that you experience appears to take place outside of you.

Change as part of your life calling

Perhaps you move to a new residence, possibly even relocating across the country or abroad. You may start working at a new company or let go of a relationship that is no longer serving you and the other person’s best interest. Or maybe your adult child leaves home to attend college out-of-state or moves out of your house into his own place.

It does seem that these changes are not orchestrated by inner shifts that you are experiencing. Yet, when you consider that not everyone starts a new job, moves across country or even has an adult child move into his own place, it’s obvious that routine and coincidence are not the cause of the changes.

Inner change is what helps you to fulfill your life calling. The sooner that you accept that inner change is a key part of your life calling, the less challenging different experiences may become. Resist change and you may start to feel stuck, as if, regardless of how much you do or how hard you try, you’re not going anywhere.

Accept change and keep advancing

Some refer to this as treadmill living. You can sweat all that you want, but you don’t seem to move forward. I’ve been there. It leads to painful, frustration, the kind of frustration that can find you doubting your ability to succeed, your ability to fulfill your life calling.

You might even start to doubt your life calling.

Burying or running away from your authentic thoughts or feelings are signs that you are resisting change. Procrastination, self-medicating and disassociation are other signs that you may be resisting change.

After awhile, the painful emotions associated with the resistance may start to wear on you. The smart choice is to let go and stop fighting change. Ask for guidance if you’re feeling afraid. Your Higher Self knows the way.

Change is coming

Now, here’s the thing. Even after you achieve certain levels of success and fulfill goals, more change is coming. There’s not a place in this world where you can avoid change. Why? You’re still awaking.

During hard times, experiences that you want to avoid most, change is the thing that you want. You may demand change then. During the good times, change may be the last thing that you want. Yet, it’s still coming.

This may be why change feels unsafe. It certainly signals that we are not in control of the universe. The good news is that, when we follow our Higher Self, change leads us to our core. It’s a journey worth taking, the journey that leads to your life calling.

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