eBusiness ideas that work

By Rhonda Campbell

If you’re a serial entrepreneur, eBusiness ideas that you could turn into full-time jobs probably pop into your head regularly. But, ideas alone are not enough. If you don’t know this now, you’ll discover this fact soon enough.

Lackluster eBusiness ideas simply won’t work

To succeed as an industrialist, you have to pursue the right ebusiness ideas before you can step away from traditional jobs. When cash flows aren’t positive, when it’s tough to attract and retain the talents of skilled contractors and freelancers and you get tired of working 12 to 14 hour days, passion and purpose (not to mention an iron will) can keep you going.

So, a first step to picking the right eBusiness ideas is to consider your passions, your beliefs and your purpose for taking on your physical expression. Align the business that you pursue with what you believe in most. It’s these beliefs that you’ll need during hard times.

Other things to consider are:

• Your specific job experience as well as your industry and market experience
• Professional and job connections that you have and the areas that these connects specialize in
• Resources to manifest your ideas, bringing them outside your mind into the physical realm
• Legal knowledge that you have as it relates to the eBusiness ideas
• You’re ability to market eBusiness ideas

eBusiness ideas that work

These eBusiness ideas have helped make entrepreneurs thousands, some millions while working jobs they absolutely love. Operating the businesses online and offline could increase your brand exposure, putting you in contact with more consumers.

• Consultancy firm – Establish competitive rates and advise business leaders on practical ways to push up their profits, retain top talent and gain an edge on the competition.
• Marketing agency – Use your strong writing and marketing skills to create an agency that develops the very copy that strengthens other brands. If you’re good, you’ll need to hire other writers to take on client growth.
• Editorial agency – Add proofreading services to your company offerings to gain more customers.
• Web designing firm – Graphic arts and web design certifications add validity to your business. Showcase web designs (i.e. mobile websites, social media pages, brochures, catalogs) that you have created to gain clients.
• Wedding planning – You’ll need relationships with photographers, DJs, caterers and designers to implement this idea.
• Virtual psychology – Offering therapy to clients virtually has grown. Regardless of the state you live in, you’ll need to a degree and licensing to start this business. A deep care for people is also needed. People absolutely need to be able to trust you for this job to pay off.
• eCampus training – If you have a teaching degree, you could teach online college courses. You could also offer customized training (i.e. sales strategies) independently.
• Personal coaching – Firsthand experience equips you with the knowledge and the abilities to pass what you have learned to others. Succeed at a job (the bigger your success, the better) and you could coach others, offering them practical steps to achieve their short and long range goals.
• Financial advising – Series 7, Series 66 and other approved licenses are needed to offer professional financial advice. Earn your chops working as a financial advisor for an established firm. This is one of the ebusiness ideas that you need credentials for before you get started.
• Career counseling – Similar to personal coaching, career counseling gives you opportunities to give practical/actionable steps to adults, including college students, that will shorten the time it takes them to find jobs that they love, jobs that pays well.
• Online retail store – Ebay is just the beginning when it comes to the type of online retail store that you could profit from. Bookstores, jewelry shops, shoe stores, fashion boutiques and print companies are other online retail stores that you could earn a full-time income operating.
• Dietician / nutritionist services – A nursing degree and/or weight loss experience are backgrounds that could enable you to help people avoid diseases like diabetes, hypertension and other food related illnesses.
• Virtual assistant company – Administrative, data entry, time management, organizational and communication (both written and oral) skills are a must to run a successful virtual assistant company. Offer jobs to the best assistants, people who have worked for demanding start-ups and/or C-suite level executives.
• Call center – Start a call center and you could respond to customer inquiries, technical issues, etc. Adults who you hire into call center jobs need strong customer service experience, not to mention loads of patience.
• Bookkeeping / accounting firm – Software makes it possible for you to manage small business payrolls, taxes and other bookkeeping and accounting deliverables for individuals and companies.
• Employment verification firm – Many businesses conduct background investigations on new hires. This involves reviewing credit, employment and criminal reports on each new hire. Contracts with a few large firms could keep your verification company in the black for several years.

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