Your greatest guidance comes from within

inner guidance center

By Moyan Brenn

It’s true. Connections are key to your success. If you only seek guidance from your physical senses, you’re missing out on limitless benefits. Instead of relying on what your body sees, hears and perceives, start taping into your inner guidance. It’s your greatest connection.


Personal revelations, insight, accurate hunches and wisdom come from your inner guidance center. Believe it or not, your inner guidance counselor speaks to you all the time. You don’t hear it because of the ego’s endless chatter.

The ego often promises a resolution to something that you are afraid of (i.e. sickness, death, job loss, poverty). Follow ego guidance and you may end up in a worse condition than you were in before the ego tempted you to listen to its promises.

Tap into inner guidance

So, how do you receive inner guidance?

Practice stillness and mindfulness. Live in the present second. This means that you don’t dwell on past experiences and don’t waste time fearing future experiences, which may or may  not occur. Following are a few actions that you can take to practice stillness and mindfulness:

  • Start the first five minutes of your day giving thanks for events and experiences that you appreciate. For example, you could thank Source for birds singing outside your bedroom or kitchen window, a new suit that you bought and love how it looks on you, your family and a great song you heard on the radio.
  • Close your eyes and meditate on a positive message for two minutes at the top of each hour.
  • Focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling slowly for three minutes at the top of each hour.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Spend at least one uninterrupted hour walking, bike riding, swimming or engaging in another physical activity while outdoors.
  • Listen to soothing music or watch a light show an hour before you go to bed. Better yet, sit outside on the porch or front stoop for an hour before you go to bed.
  • Soak in a bubble bath at night.
  • Act on inner direction. Write the results of your actions in a journal.
  • Ask for inner direction when you start to feel anxious, depressed or any other form of fear.
  • Do three things that you love and appreciate every day.
  • Catch yourself engaging in negative talk. Stop acting yourself and speak out 10 things that you love about yourself.
  • Write down your dreams. Pay special attention to dreams that find you waking feeling happy, at peace and empowered.

Trust your inner guidance center. You’ll notice a distinct difference between messages received from your inner guidance counselor and the ego. The more you trust and seek inner guidance, the more you may be aware of its messages, which can help you in your personal, social, business and family relationships.

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Your greatest guidance comes from within

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