Job search pitfalls to watch for

By Belinda Johnson

Job search pitfalls could derail your best employment efforts. Don’t let this happen this year. Get more out of your hunt by adding the following job hunting actions to your career advancement plans, while subtracting these other behaviors.


Job search no-nos

Steer clear of the casual approach – As you start your job hunt, this cannot be overstated. Create a winning online profile. Although your holiday party picture (your smile bright and memorable) shows off your features, it may not create the right impression on employers and hiring managers. Instead of posting a casual picture with your online profile, add a professional picture. Throughout every step of your job search, present the same impression with your online profile as you would if you walked into a hiring manager’s office for an in-person interview.

Don’t share what you wouldn’t want posted on a billboard – Technology has made it possible for IT professionals and other hiring managers to not only search your online profile, but to also search online messages that you author. Although what you do with your time away from work is your personal business, messages, comments, videos and pictures  that you post and respond to could be used disqualify you for great opportunities that you find during your job search.

Stay away from work hour postings – Content isn’t the only thing that hiring managers pay attention to. Your job search could be stalled if you post online messages and other content during work hours. Think about it? If you post to social media accounts, etc. during work hours, it could send the message to hiring managers that you engage in personal pursuits on work time. This isn’t a plus if you’re currently employed and conducting a job search to find better employment.

Your attitude matters a lot

Cut down on the complaints – This one is especially important if you are currently employed and looking for a new job. It might be tempting, but, don’t complain to coworkers and/or supervisors about how much you dislike your current job. These same people could write a strong recommendation letter for you, a letter that could improve your chances of securing the role you want during your job search.

Fall out of touch with former colleagues – Remember former colleagues, including supervisors and managers that you worked with during your job search. Actions that you could take to stay in touch with former colleagues include sending former colleagues holiday postcards, birthday greetings, anniversary messages or “hello” telephone calls. Keep in touch because you sincerely want to sustain and enrich these relationships. Before closing each communication, let former colleagues know that you’re in the process of a job search. Be sure to let them know what type of role you’re seeking.

Of all the job search pitfalls that you should steer clear of, falling out of touch with former colleagues could be one of the more impactful. Each person who you know likely knows dozens of other people who could aid you in your job search. Stay positive during your job hunt, avoiding falling into the habit of complaining. And pay attention to the image that you create online and offline by creating professional posts, messages and liking content that keeps you in a professional and positive light.

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Job search pitfalls to watch for

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