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By Rhonda Campbell
Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on the Internet clicked over to your business website? You could be sitting on a pile of money.

But, that’s not how it works. Just because more than two billion people access the Internet doesn’t mean that your small business website will even receive 10,000 visitors a year.

Don’t give up. Your small business website can work.

Each visitor to your website can tell 10 or more of her friends about your service and products.

Create Relationships with Small Business Website Visitors

To reap this benefit, get to know your small business website visitors. Develop relationships with them. To do this:

  • Design engaging Twitter pages. Add custom pictures and videos to your Twitter pages. Add a link to your small business website at your Twitter profile. Tweet your opinions about hot topics. Also tweet about government regulations impacting your industry.
  • Build Facebook pages that highlight your products or services. Highlight sales and discounts. Post about community events that your company will participate in. Boost posts by adding pictures.
  • Create newsletters. Allow customers to subscribe for free. By adding opt-out links at the bottom of each newsletter, you can build subscriber trust.
  • Feature your small business website articles in digital magazines using tools like and
  • Develop and market audio recordings. and are tools that you could use to create audio recordings.
  • Add a blog to your small business website. To grow blog traffic, post new content at least once a week.

Software Makes it Easy for You to Stay in Touch with Customers

Constant Contact, LetterPop, iContact and Vertical Response are types of companies that take the hard work out of designing and publishing company newsletters. When working with these companies, choose from a variety of templates that these companies offer. Click and drag newsletter sections to complete issue designs. Build and grow subscriber lists in seconds.

You can also create electronic newsletters using software like Microsoft or Mac Word. The drawback is that, with these tools, you need to create a database to keep your subscriber lists current.

More Ways to Market Business Products and Services Online

More actions that you can take to market your small business website follow:

  • Schedule interviews on Internet radio talk shows. Blog Talk Radio, Blake Radio and National Public Radio work with dozens of talk radio show hosts. Request an interview with these hosts. Send a cover letter that includes the name of your small business. Also, include the products or services that you sell. Provide a brief statement that details how your business will benefit the radio show’s listeners. For example, will your products or services save listeners time or increase their savings?
  • Create and distribute electronic postcards.
  • Host video conferences or web seminars. Charge attendees a fee to tune in. Free video or seminar hosting tools you can use include Any Meeting, Yugma, Mega Meeting, Stealth Seminar and Go To Meeting. Provide valuable information during seminars. Don’t create a video conference or web seminar unless you offer at least 3 points of advice.
  • Develop and send prospects product catalogs.
  • Invite shoppers to attend product or service open houses. It’s similar to sponsoring your own trade show. Put your best and newest products and services on display.
  • Write and distribute press releases to targeted media outlets. As a tip, include your small business website URL, telephone number and email address in press releases. Examples of press release distribution services are PRWeb, PR Buzz, PR Log, Business Wire, Web Wire and e-Releases.

Small Business Website Marketing Roundup

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace can make it easier for you to connect with prospects. You can build professional pages at these social networks and send regular posts or tweets to followers. By taking advantage of radio interviews, press releases, electronic postcards, web seminars and newsletters, you can connect with current and prospective customers. You can also build consumer trust in your small business website and strengthen your bottom line.

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