What YouTube TV May Mean for Your Sales

By Eboni Walker

It turns out that NetFlix was just the beginning. Google recently announced that it is launching YouTube TV. Although the YouTube TV channel lineup is not as long as DirectTV’s or PlayStation Vue’s, the new service is a good alternative to traditional cable television, especially with traditional cable television packages easily starting at $50 a month and up.

YouTube TV channel and price offerings you could tap into

At the outset, it will cost subscribers $35 a month to gain access to 44 channels among which include CNBC, Fox, NBC, ESPN and Oxygen. CNET shares a detailed breakout of the channels that YouTube TV is set to open with.

Considering that YouTube subscribers generally exceed one billion each month, taking the stretch into a subscriber television service makes sense. But, what will it mean for your business?

If you’re currently on YouTube and generating hundreds or more video views a week, you could introduce your products and services to new consumers by taking advantage of YouTube TV advertising offerings. Opportunities to get your products and services in front of more people may also come through the larger numbers of people who drift over to the non-paying YouTube shows after they log onto YouTube via the paying platform.

Should YouTube TV attract a larger share of United States viewers, that could turn into more exposure to your target audience if your target audience is heavily United States based. Right now, YouTube pulls in the majority of its viewers from outside of the United States.

Start preparing for the YouTube TV launch

As it regards the motive behind the launch, speculation is that Google wants to take a bite out of the $70 billion television advertising market. It remains to be seen what type of advertising options Google will develop (if any) for small to mid-size businesses. It’s also not yet clear if Google will offer varying advertising prices based on the day and time that ads air.

For example, will YouTube TV ads be more affordable when aired on shows that run on late weekday night or early on weekend mornings? If this possibility becomes fact, it may be smart to start building your current YouTube channels offerings.

Get out in front of viewers now. Take advantage of YouTube marketing training sessions. Some of these sessions run for several weeks. Many of the trainings are completely free. You can spot the training sessions at the top, right side of your YouTube channel’s page.

Build valuable business partnerships

Partner with companies that provide reasonably priced YouTube marketing services. Make sure that these companies yield “real” results. The Internet is replete with fake social media followers that marketing companies tap into to make it appear that you’re getting more exposure.

Another way that you could capitalize on YouTube TV is to study one to three channels that you want to advertise on. Find out which shows your target audience watches. Reach out to a peer to cover the cost of an ad if you’re currently unable to afford the price when you decide to run the ad.

Also, watch the traffic on the free YouTube video network. Be prepared to make content and marketing adjustments should you notice dips in your traffic after YouTube TV takes off. A good way to do this is to build and grow your own marketing contact list. Send newsletters, coupons, product and service announcements and other direct emails to contacts. Include the URL to your YouTube channel in all direct emails.

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