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By Avery Baxter

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The best search engine optimization tips lead to more sales conversions. Testing landing pages, social media pages, video channels like YouTube and Vimeo and blogs are a must if you want to find out which design, marketing and advertising approaches yield improved results.

You can do this by building two to three landing pages to announce the same product or service. Lay product headlines at the top and right side of one page and top, middle and left side of another page to see which leads to the most sales or prospect contacts.

More prospect engagement tips

Prospect contacts come through free educational guide downloads, newsletter subscriptions, giveaway signups, coupons and other strategies that require visitors to your website to provide you with their contact information (i.e. name, email address) to receive free information that the prospects find valuable.

Keep in touch with prospects who take the time to share their valuable contact information with you. After all, search engine optimization tips bring you more visitors. Customer relationship building is critical to convert these people into paying customers.

Get more website, blog and social media visitors

So, how do you get more visitors to your website, blog or video channel? Integrate your search engine optimization efforts. Create a search engine optimization tips calendar. Items to include on the calendar are:

  • Dates that blog posts, landing pages, images, videos and social media posts will be created and published
  • Social media pages that optimized content will be published at
  • Keywords that will be used in weekly or monthly optimized content
  • Dates that you will run analytics on published content. Of all search engine optimization tips, this one is key. You must measure the results of your efforts to know which tools and strategies are worth continuing. This is not a time for guesswork or magical thinking.

Add the same keywords to videos, blog posts, social media posts and images on a weekly basis. Link each piece of content back to one to two of your websites. Success at this requires that you get clear about your organization’s mission.

What are the top three benefits that people will definitely receive if they do business with you? Will they save money? Will they become healthier? Will they shorten the time it takes to complete a routine chore? Will they be entertained in a memorable way, the type of entertainment that educates, inspires and enlightens?

Search engine optimization tips and tools

Choose search engine optimization keywords that align with your mission and value proposition. For example, if you sell car seat covers, you could choose keywords that highlight car accessories, car detailing products or car seat covers for leather seats. These search engine optimization tips do more than attract visitors; these search engine optimization tips build brand.

Looking for keyword search tools? Try:

  • Google Adwords Keyword Search –
  • Keyword Tool (it’s free) –
  • Word Tracker –

If you’re looking for search engine optimization tips analytic tools, there’s:

  • Google Analytics –
  • Facebook Analytics – (run a Facebook ad, and you can view more social media analytics)
  • Web SEO Analytics (not a free service) –
  • Woo Rank –

    As you can see, search engine optimization tips take clarity (an absolutely clear vision), planning, measuring and time to implement effectively. The goal is to get and stay in front of your target audience. Help your target audience find you, then engage them to increase sales conversions.
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