What’s keeping you from achieving your dreams?

By Monica Sampson

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Picture at Wikimedia Commons by Jeffrey Pang

Another 365 days have almost passed. What’s keeping you from achieving your dreams? Just what is holding you back?

It’s a point worth considering, especially since dreams don’t become true simply because you want them to. Think about it. This may actually be what’s keeping your dream forever in the future.

Wishing doesn’t materialize dreams

As someone said, “The distance between your dreams and reality is called action.” It’s also been said that, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” Colin Powell put it this way, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Even more, “The secret to success: stop wishing, start doing.”

Could it be the action part that’s keeping you from achieving your dreams?

Examine it.

For example, what actions did you take over the last six months to manifest your dream? Also, if your dream is to start a marketing agency, over the last six months did you conduct market research?

Do you know the number of marketing agencies in the city and region where you live? How much information do you possess regarding the types of clients these marketing agencies service? Do you know the specific types of services the marketing agencies provide?

Did you visit the IRS’ official website and find out the types of taxes you are legally required to file? Furthermore, have you decided if your marketing agency is going to be a partnership, a corporation, cooperative or a sole proprietorship? What state tax, licensing or business forms do you need to submit?

If you don’t have answers to the above questions, maybe you don’t really want to own and operate a marketing agency. Or perhaps you’re stalling yourself by engaging in magical thinking. Perhaps you think that you’re dream will come true if you only think about the dream hard and long enough.

Fact is, only wishing and fantasizing about your dream will not only keep you from achieving your dreams, it will develop frustration, anger and maybe even depression in you. Here are some signs that you may believe that thought alone will manifest your dreams.

Spot excuses that put the brakes on achieving your dreams

It doesn’t feel good to admit it, but you might be telling yourself lies. You might be giving yourself excuses. Which of these excuses do you see yourself running to and hiding behind?

  • I’m too (pick anything based on your physical structure)? You might be telling yourself, “I’m too old; too short; I’m too young; too big.” Or you might tell yourself, “I’m a woman; I’m a man.”
  • My parents abused me. I’ll always struggle with the abuse and will never achieve anything significant.
  • People don’t understand me. I’m different. People will never support me or support me enough to allow achieving my dreams to become real.
  • Other people can’t be trusted. I have to do everything myself. Even more, I don’t have enough energy to do what it takes to achieve my dreams.
  • It’s wrong to outdo your parents. My mother and my father worked hard for other people all their lives. it’s arrogant of me to want to achieve more than my parents achieved.

Excuses grow like weeds

That’s just a start. Below are more excuses that you may be using to keep yourself from achieving your dreams. Aren’t you tired of telling yourself these lies?

  • Successful people lie and cheat. I’m not okay with lying and cheating, so I’ll never make it big. (Fact is that the most successful people don’t lie and cheat. I’m talking successful – not financially stacked.)
  • Government regulations are holding me back. (How do you address the fact that many people are achieving their dreams right now, despite government regulations?)
  • College is too expensive. The only way to get ahead in this world is to get a college degree.
  • When I really start achieving my dreams, my family and friends will get jealous or start asking me for money.
  • Success makes people bad. It’s not good for you.
  • If it wasn’t for my spouse or significant other, I’d be on my way. This other person is holding me back, keeping me from achieving my dreams.
  • God wants me to struggle. God knows that struggle and hurt will make me better. (Does this mean that God didn’t create you right the first time? Does this mean that God messes up, slips up and makes mistakes that have to be corrected with pain?)

Take the excuses that you use to keep yourself from achieving your dreams and examine them honestly. A good way to do this is to read history books about people who achieved their dreams and who had a similar or exact physical make-up as yours.

Attend seminars and listen to interviews given by people from a similar background as yours. Do this each week, more if possible. You’ll soon accept that excuses are lies. If you truly want to achieve your dreams, you’ll relieve yourself of excuses.

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