Technology Changes are Going to Help or Hurt Your Business

By Monica Simpson

There is no way around change in this world. Get ready.

You’re going to experience and see a wealth of change as an entrepreneur, especially as a creative business owner. It’s easier when you’re the one creating the change. That’s when you know in advance what’s coming. Advance knowledge gives you more time to adjust to the impending change.

As you advance further into the new year, you’re going to experience growing change. How you respond to the changes will greatly impact your business, including your bottom line.

This message may be especially on target for you if you have dug in your heels and refuse to learn new marketing tactics, refuse to create a mobile friendly website, refuse to partner with an experienced social media marketer and more.

Could your refusal to change be stalling your business growth?

Are you skeptical about technological changes? Do you think that technology is created too much change in the world and at much too fast a pace? Could your attitude about technological change be hurting your business?

Technology is rapidly changing the way that people work. Innovation has taken workers from relying on fax machines, desktop computers and emails to communicate with clients across nations to connecting with customers on social media and using mobile devices. These changes took place between the 1990s to the early 2000s.

With these technological shifts come mind shifts. From a purely business perspective, if you don’t make mind shifts as the world changes, you could lose ground. You could needlessly expend energy on basic business initiatives, forcing yourself to put in three or more times the effort that you’d put in if you had made a mind shift and saw the benefit in learning how to use new technologies.

Step out of the old, enter the new

An example of this is how some workers continued to rely heavily on fax machines after email launched. Some workers had become so attached to faxing communications that they didn’t shift toward using emails until they accepted the fact that emails reduced the need to destroy trees to create paper to fax a message.

Be honest with yourself. Are you trying to force the world to stop changing so you can keep connecting with clients the way that you were taught when you first entered the business world? You could make it easier on yourself by entering new business strategies and by using new business tools in parts.

Steps to entering the new could include:

  • Taking an online SEO marketing training course once a month
  • Setting a budget and paying for a social media marketing campaign once a month for three months
  • Hiring or contracting with people who are on the cutting edge of new business technologies
  • Encouraging innovation at your business, even if you’re a solopreneur
  • Journaling your successes and the actions that you take to learn and master new technologies
  • Attending business expos, seminars and trade shows

    Also, continue to hone your skills. Keep examining your products and services. Search for and find new ways to improve upon the products and services that you offer clients. As your products and services get better, don’t be shocked if your confidence that your business can survive technological changes increases.
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