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Winter Storm Threatens 20 States, 60 Million People.
It was only a few weeks ago that the Northeast was dealing with Storm Nebo. Now residents living in Midwestern states find themselves digging out of a snow storm. Seems like winter is trying to hang around. Keep up with what’s happening to people being impacted by the latest winter storm.

No Plans to Break Up Hewlett Packard
. Meg Whitman, Hewlett’s CEO, announces that there are no plans to break the company up, stating that Hewlett Packard is better whole. Will her views hold, even as the technology world, particularly the desktop computer world, continues to change?

Danica Patrick on Verge of Making History Again
? It remains to be seen whether Danica Patrick will cross the finish line first after the Daytona 500 has concluded. If she does, she’ll  be on her way to joining the ranks of another winning woman driver, Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney (a NHRA champion several times over). Danica Patrick’s final performance at this year’s race remains to be seen, but millions are paying attention, a good thing for NASCAR.

CNBC Set to Purchase Nightly Business Report. Looks like the numbers of media outlets not owned by a larger company are shrinking. It seems as the business world goes, so goes the media world. Hopefully, the marriage of CNBC and Nightly Business Report will prove to be a good one, for employees on both sides and for viewers.

Google Keeps Going Up, Up, Up
. The move to go mobile is proving to be a good one for Google. Some Wall Street analysts expect Google’s stock to soar all the way to $1,000. Perhaps it’s another sign that Internet based companies are going to hold their own, even after they go public.


Black Athletes Getting in the Business Start-Up Game
. It’s tough watching athletes who once earned millions a year go broke. One way athletes, regardless of skin color, could continue to growth their wealth, especially as their careers start to wind down, is to enter the business world. However, athletes have to be smart, avoid sharks and get necessary training. But, it could certainly find more athletes moving from success on the field or court to success in the boardroom.

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