Is it time to trade up to the new iPhone 6?

By Eric Bradford

iphone6 image


Business executives are a long way from the initial Blackberry launch, an event that took place over a decade ago. Seems implausible that a telephone (so small it fits easily inside your pant pocket) with the capability to download files off your desktop computer or laptop and serve as an email pager is now perceived as a technology dinosaur.

Today, Samsung and Apple are frontrunners in the mobile telephone space. Both mobile telephones put a diverse range of services at the fingertips of small business owners. For example, there’s:

  • Web browsing (4 gigabytes of bandwidth and up; can you say multiple business conference speaking video downloads in a matter of minutes)
  • GPS
  • Gaming options
  • Voice and email (loaded with contacts, favorites, storage options, etc.)
  • Tasks and reminders
  • Weather
  • Music
  • Document sharing
  • Faster, sharper streaming
  • Reliable data networks
  • 16+ MP cameras
  • Crisp imaging
  • HD Display

Both the Samsung S4 and S5 and the iPhone 5 offer the above features at the minimum. What sets the Samsung S4 and S5 apart from previous iPhone models is Samsung’s larger display screen. And it’s exactly this area that the iPhone 6 is rumored to have grown up in.

Purportedly slated for a September release, there is talk that the Apple iPhone 6 will have 5.5 inch display screen. But, not so fast. iPhones with the larger screen might not be the first to roll out. You might have to wait a few weeks to get your hands on this upgraded mobile phone.

The new iPhone 6 is also said to be powered by an IOS 8. Flying on an Apple A8 processor, WiFi connections should come with fewer hiccups and faster streaming. If you’re a busy executive who relies on large volumes of data to stay ahead of the competition, this can only be a plus.

It remains to be seen whether the Apple iPhone 6 will be water resistant. Although there are whispers that the iPhone 6 will run Android, specialists say that’s not likely to happen. What the phone might have is 3D imaging and a battery with an 8-day power boost. Like a music CD that has had one to two songs leaked, what doesn’t have to remain to be seen is how interest in the new iPhone is picking up steam. If the phone is released on September 9 (the rumored release date), lines may not be as long as they were when Apple released the first iPhone on June 29, 2007, but rush to check out the new mobile phone may well outpace the type of rush that the release of the iPhone 5 saw.


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College students make business internships payoff

By Eric Bradford

college business internship













Thousands of college students are ending their summer internships. If these college students were fortunate, their internships allowed them to do more than file, scan and copy stacks of documents, completing projects that regular employees are willing to do near anything to avoid.

A good business internship introduces college students to the real work world. Instead of copying, scanning and filing all day, interns:

• Sit in on webinars and conference calls. Progressive employers may also encourage interns to attend team and divisional in-person meetings and prompt interns to contribute to the meetings, offering suggestions and personal insights.
• Provide interns with projects that they can actually lead, giving interns the chance to work independently as well as build their leadership skills
• Assign interns one or more group projects to complete before the end of summer
• Develop schedules that let interns get a deeper view of the business by participating in a job rotation program
• Make is possible for college students to earn college credits based on work they complete during internships

It goes without saying that the best business internships pay college students. Some companies that operate college internships pay students $25 an hour, more than three times the federal minimum wage. These employers pay competitive wages because they know their internships are “meaty”, offering students valuable insights into today’s business environment.

Those are a few hallmarks of rewarding college internship programs. But, what happens after students return to college? How do they make their internships continue to pay off after they are back in the classroom?

What follows are steps that college students could take to keep summer internships they participated in paying off for months. Um, hmm. . . Networking plays a pivotal role in several of the steps.

• Contact business managers and ask them to connect via LinkedIn (Some business managers post job updates, training seminars, networking events, etc. that their firms are hosting that college students could take advantage of, even after their internship has ended).
• Add their summer work experience to their resume, digital portfolio and social media profiles.
• Send managers they completed internships with holiday greetings. By sending employers a Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Years greeting, students can keep in touch with their potential future employers three times a year.
• Study markets and industries employers they intern with operate in. Doing this teaches college students about terminology, trends and analytical data that’s impacting these markets and industries. Simply being able to speak a potential employers “language” (i.e. terminology) can set future college graduates apart.
• Subscribe to news feeds and alerts that deliver quality information (i.e. stats, facts, business acquisitions, mergers) right to their mobile phones or email. A lot is going to change in the business world over the next two years. It pays to keep pace with the impending changes.

College students should definitely take the time to send a “thank you” card or note (handwritten notes can leave a lasting impression) to managers and supervisors they worked with during their business internship. When they start their search for a full-time job, it also pays to contact these managers and supervisors. Even if these employers don’t hire the students, they may offer suggestions or agree to give a strong recommendation to students as they apply for jobs with other employers.

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Breakfast for champions – You’ll love this low calorie omelet recipe

By Rhonda Campbell

recipe for low calorie omeletEggs are one of the most eaten breakfast foods and rightfully so. Loaded with protein, eggs are easy to prepare. Add in the right ingredients, and eggs become a filling food. Furthermore, of all the dishes you can cook using eggs, breakfast sandwiches and omelets are dishes that millions of Americans order from restaurants and food trucks each morning.

You don’t have to live out West to love this omelet

However, you don’t have to go to a restaurant and pay for an omelet to enjoy a hearty egg breakfast. You can make this omelet at home in less than 20 minutes. Ingredients you need are:

  • Two eggs (if you’re especially hungry and want a large omelet, go for three eggs)
  • Smoked turkey (use lunch meat so the meat is thin and less chewy)
  • 1 tablespoon of margarine or butter
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 small red pepper
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1/4 cup of mild shredded cheddar cheese (an alternative you can use is two slices of American cheese or another favorite processed cheese)

Dice the onion and red pepper. Use 1/2 a cup of the onion and red pepper. Place the remainder of the vegetables in a small container, seal and place in the refrigerator.

Next, grease a medium sized skillet with the margarine or butter. Break the eggs in the skillet. Stir the eggs until they are well blended. Make sure the eggs are spread across the skillet.

Drop in the onion, pepper and cheese. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Let the food cook until the egg is lightly browned and the cheese is melted. This should take about three minutes.

Fold the egg in half.

Remove from omelet from the skillet with a spatula and serve with a bowl of fresh strawberries, a banana or another fruit you absolutely love. Enjoy!

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Using your creative talents to build a successful enterprise

By Rhonda Campbell

creative business picturesThe first years of your working career might be spent trying to find jobs that pay the rent or mortgage. If you use your creative or artistic abilities several times before and after you start working these “pay the bills” jobs, you might feel a twinge of regret, something pulling you to change careers. This is what happened to Christine Hughes, owner of Darling Studio.

Take creative talents from part-time to full-time business success
Christine shares at her official website that, “Like many artists, I took the long way here. I studied communications instead of art, trying to do the right thing. I traveled up and down the coasts and throughout Europe, trying to find myself. I worked as a retail monkey, a coffee slinger, a newspaper reporter, and a web producer, trying to make a living.” She goes on to say, “I tried everything but the right thing.”

To build a successful enterprise using your creative talents, analyze the market, checking to see how you can use your talents to fill a perceived consumer need. You might spot this need as you’re searching for a product or service online. Follow your frustration with how you can’t find what you’re looking for; could you create the product or service yourself?

Some business leaders suggest that you start a business part-time. This way you could continue to receive income from your current job. Other business leaders advise against this. As reported in Bloomberg Businessweek, MGPS business consultant, Phillip Moorcroft shares that launching a business part-time significantly reduces your financial and psychological resolve to make the business successful. Moorcroft says, “Going in with the Plan B mentality—”I’ll try this for six months and if it fails, I’ll go work for my uncle”—is not workable.”

To increase your chances of achieving ongoing business success, manage your time wisely. During the early days of your business, tracking your time in a day planner or spreadsheet could prove invaluable. Market your business, partnering with copywriters, advertising agents and marketing specialists as needed.

By developing relationships with the media, you can get coverage for local, regional, national and international events your business is involved with. This includes charitable, educational and industry-specific events.

Be professional. Treat your business as if it is your sole source of income. If you don’t you could end up working your talents part-time forever. You could also get frustrated and start to believe that your talents will never afford you a full-time job you love.

Track the results of your efforts. Don’t just distribute press releases or run social media marketing campaigns. Measure the results of these efforts. You might find that working a social media ad three different ways generates more sales than using one ad by itself. To stay encouraged and inspired as you use your creative talents to build a successful enterprise, read books and stories of other creatives who found ongoing business success.

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Boost your chances of getting jobs you really want

By Edward Johnson

finding the right job for youOnline job boards come with specific advantages. Search for employment at online job boards and you gain access to hundreds of jobs in a matter of minutes. Pay attention to salaries associated with specific jobs, and you could also discover pay ranges for jobs that interest you. Identifying responsibilities aligned with work roles, noticing the signs of a stable company versus a company that’s struggling to get a handle on its cash flows and getting an idea of how long a role has been open are other advantages you get access to when you search for employment using online job boards.

Bringing your dream job within reach

Those are the good points. Searching for quality employment at online job boards are brings challenges. For starters, you could spend hours, weeks or months applying for jobs that have already been filled. As hard as it might be to accept, some jobs listed at online boards are old, but remain up because recruiters haven’t gotten around to taking the job ads down yet.

That shared, there are steps you can take to boost your chances of getting jobs whether you use online employment boards or not. Be willing to revise your job cover letter, especially if you haven’t been hearing from recruiters. Other steps you can take include:

  • Submit a cover letter with your resume. Edit the cover letter so that it’s unique to the specific job you’re applying for. At the least, include the name of the company and the position you’re applying for in the cover letter.
  • Provide contact information (i.e. cell phone number, email address) on your resume and in your cover letter.
  • Follow-up with a telephone call to recruiters. Don’t badger recruiters. That shared, a follow-up telephone call could set you apart.
  • Ask recruiters why you didn’t get a role if you’re not hired. Listen to what recruiters share. Use this information to approach your next job search differently.
  • Study companies and markets you’re applying for work in. It’s a turnoff to recruiters and hiring managers to find out that you don’t know anything about their firm or their industry.
  • Consider working internships at companies you want to build a career at. Keep in touch with recruiters at companies you intern with. Definitely let the recruiters know when you’ll be graduating and apply for open roles when you see them at the company’s career boards.
  • Contact former colleagues and hiring managers at companies you want to work at, requesting that they refer you for employment.
  • Give employment agencies a chance. Just make sure that you work with reputable agencies.
  • Search for quality employment every day until you get the job you really want.
  • Attend corporate job fairs or recruiting events. These can yield better results than attending statewide or regional career fairs. You could also learn about higher paying jobs at corporate job fairs or recruiting events that are hosted by one to four firms.
  • Keep your skills sharp. You can learn a lot by taking online training programs and by watching free training videos.
  • Practice interviewing. On this point, you can learn new ways to interview each time you engage in a telephone or in-person job interview. From this perspective, no interview is a waste.

As with any tactic or strategy, monitor the results of your efforts. Pay attention to how many emails or telephone calls you receive from recruiters after you send them your job cover letter and resume. See if certain keywords attract different recruiters. Be open to making changes until you land the quality job that you really want, a job you’ll enjoy working for years.

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Marrying great restaurants and great business deals

By Rhonda Campbell

picture of classy restaurantAnnually restaurants in the United States generate more than $665 billion in sales, according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA). A good portion of this revenue comes from entrepreneurs and senior business leaders, people who understand the value of good communication and rewarding dining.

When clients love great food you introduce them to

Simply inviting an existing or prospective client out to lunch or dinner can create feelings of appreciation in these guests. Choose the right restaurant and entrepreneurs could close a deal they’d been working on for weeks. Several key points will need to be considered before entrepreneurs (or their assistants) contact restaurants and make reservations. Among these key points are:

  • Whether or not the client or prospect is a vegetarian (Review sites, magazines and directories could prove helpful when looking for healthy vegetarian restaurants. Examples of restaurant review sites and directories are Happy Cow, Restaurants Raw, HK Magazine and PETA.)
  • If clients have allergies and, if so, what foods they are allergic to.
  • Special diets clients may be on.

It definitely pays to ask clients and prospects to share their top three favorite entrees or food dishes. Simply asking clients or prospects, “What three foods do you absolutely love?” could save time. It could also eliminate the chances that entrepreneurs will try to close business deals at the wrong restaurants.

Lighting, decorations, interior design and personality are other factors to consider when looking for the right restaurant to close business deals at. Some clients prefer dim lit areas, others prefer restaurants that are well lit, the types of restaurants that let in lots of natural sunlight. How spaced out seating is, whether or not private rooms are available at a restaurant and Wi-Fi access are other factors to consider.

Entrepreneurs can take advantage of Zagat and Gayot reviews if they are new to an area and no idea where to begin when it comes time to make business restaurant reservations. There are also personal bloggers who visit and dine at different restaurants during their travels. These bloggers provide as in-depth reviews as some professional restaurant review sites.

A great thing about Zagat is that it categories restaurants by city, so entrepreneurs won’t have to dig through thousands of reviews to find great restaurants close to whether they live and/or work. Deals, top restaurants, seasonal menus, food hybrids and gluten-free restaurants are also covered.

Gayot covers dining, travel and safety. It also breaks restaurants down by city. Depending on the time of year, entrepreneurs could find discussions on barbecue, steak, seafood, salads, breads or desserts.

After restaurants have been chosen and reservations have been made, other important points to remember when closing rewarding business deals include:

  • Reason for the meeting (Restaurant meetings can easily drift off topic. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to write down a few talking points before they leave for the meetings, so they’ll be certain to touch on each topic as they dine with a client or prospect.)
  • Bring a business calendar or, better yet, have access to an electronic business calendar. This way, follow-up meetings could be scheduled before restaurant meetings conclude.
  • Supporting data (It is especially important to bring supporting data if entrepreneurs promised clients or prospects that they would share the data with them.)

Although restaurant meetings can be fun, it’s important that entrepreneurs remain professional throughout the discussions. Whether they realize it or not, clients and prospects are forming perceptions and opinions of them. Create winning perceptions and opinions and discussing business deals at the right restaurants could lead to deal closes and rewarding client-entrepreneur relationships.

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How to eat to lose 10 pounds fast

By Rhonda Campbell

how to lose 10 pounds


Losing weight and getting down to a healthy weight is a sign of self-love. Even losing 10 pounds could help you avoid high blood pressure and joint pain. Dropping weight could also set a positive example for your children and grandchildren.

Weight loss that leads to better health

Dr. Oz puts it this way, “The average American woman has a BMI of 28, which is overweight – nearly obese. Her waists measures 37 inches, almost 5 inches too wide, and she weighs nearly 165 pounds. In 1960, the average American woman’s weight was 140 pounds. If we continue at this rate, in the next 50 years, your daughter or granddaughter will weigh 190 pounds.”

Realize the benefits that you can gain from losing 10 pounds and you could drop the extra weight easier. In addition to lowering or avoiding high blood pressure and joint pain, losing weight can help you to reduce your risks of developing heart disease and dementia. Other benefits associated with losing weight are:

  • Less inflammation (inflammation is at the root of some joint and muscle pain)
  • Increased mobility (Ever tried to bend over and pick up something you dropped on the floor after you added 20 to 30 extra pounds to your stomach and thighs?)
  • Improved self-image
  • More energy
  • Better confidence in your abilities to start and finish goals that require you to be physical

Denial and self-deception could keep you fat

If you’ve been gaining 5 to 10 pounds a year for the past 3 to 5 years and you’re telling yourself (as you pull in your stomach before you look in the mirror) “not me; I’m not getting fat,” think again. “Nearly half of Americans have too much visceral fat, the abdominal fat that surrounds your internal organs, visible in their protruding bellies. The danger is this: visceral fat contains cells that release inflammation-causing chemicals in the body, which can cause memory loss and increase your chances of developing dementia,” according to Dr. Oz.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shares that more than 34% of American adults are obese. Medical costs associated with obesity were at $147 billion in 2008. You might be surprised to know that, according to the CDC, obesity didn’t increase sharply in the United States until 1990. Could technology and the trend of living less active lifestyles and working jobs that require adults to be less active be playing a huge role in the shift?

Do you want to comfort or do you want to lose weight?

Whatever the cause, losing weight to experience improved health is worth it. Steps you can take to lose 10 pounds require you to start exercising, the type of exercise that raises your heart rate. Forget trying to stay comfortable while you work out. If you’re a “comfort” junkie, freeing yourself of the goal to always feel comfortable could be a huge first step toward losing 10 pounds. Ways you could break out of the need to constantly feel comfortable include:

  • Breaking a pattern (i.e. take the bus to work one day, go for a bike ride if you haven’t been on a bike in years)
  • Stop yourself when you catch yourself thinking a thought that’s been repeating itself in your head for years, a thought that has produced not a single positive thing in your life
  • Write down habits and patterns you practice, including the times of day that you do these things. This could help you to start spotting habits that work to keep you feeling “comfortable”.
  • Speak to a neighbor, relative or colleague you normally avoid talking to simply because someone else hasn’t introduced you to the person yet
  • Take the lead on a community or work project (You may feel uncomfortable at the start, but if you build a strong time and relate to the team members well, you’ll learn that you can do a lot more than you thought you could.)

Lose 10 pounds as a form of self-care

Losing 10 pounds is going to take action. It’s also going to take motivation and encouragement. The good thing is that there are several ways you could lose 10 pounds. If you’re looking for ideas, to lose 10 pounds, you could:

  • Jump rope for 15 to 20 minutes a day
  • Speed walk (I have a friend who lost 30 pounds speed walking for five miles four or more days a week.)
  • Jogging or running for 45 minutes four days a week
  • Lifting weights (This has helped many people trade fat for muscle.)
  • Dancing (If you love to dance, this could be a great and rewarding way to lose weight.)
  • Trim 200 calories a day out of your diet
  • Drink water in place of soda (Make sure you don’t start snacking more if you take this approach.)
  • Chew gum when you feel tempted to snack
  • Meditate for 1 to 2 minutes when you feel stressed instead of reaching for fatty foods and/or sugary drinks
  • Get a good night of sleep, so you don’t find yourself eating or drinking to try to boost your energy levels or to shake off sleepiness
  • Maintain healthy relationships to avoid using food to block out undesired thoughts and emotions

The more you sweat, the more calories you generally burn. Raising your heart rate is also a sign that you’re out of your “comfort” zone and burning calories. To lose 10 pounds, in addition to exercising, start the day by eating breakfast. Orange juice, a glass of water, fresh fruit or an egg muffin are all great breakfast foods. Oatmeal, fruit yogurt and Malt-o are other great breakfast foods.

On the flip side of eating being sure to eat breakfast, to lose 10 pounds, avoid eating late at night. If you get hungry and feel you must eat, go for vegetables instead of bread late at night. Read and listen to encouraging material. Stay motivated.

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