Create Online Content to Start Making More Money

By Rhonda Campbell

Become a Writer Who Always Has a Steady Flow of Work

As of May 2008 there were approximately 281,300 writers and editors in the United States
according to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Nearly 70 percent of these creative business leaders were self-employed or working as independent contractors. Employment opportunities for writers and editors are expected to grow by eight percent from 2008 through 2018. That said, if you have solid marketing, brand creation, customer service and networking skills, you can become a writer who always has a steady flow of work.

It’s gonna take a bit of work, consistent effort, for you to build a list of top paying
writing clients. Do excellent work for one client who has several connects in the business world and you could find yourself receiving emails and telephone calls from new clients, some who pay $100 or more an hour or $2 and up a word. Strategies you can incorporate into your daily schedule to nab top paying clients so you can earn a living writing blogs for money and creating other forms of written content include:

Searching quality writer and blogger job boards (e.g. Pro Blogger jobs, Media Bistro, Freelance Switch, Higher Ed Jobs) – even after you build your client base, continue to search for new assignments, clients as doing so may lead you to more writing jobs that are perfect for your goals, lifestyle and schedule

Joining professional writer groups on and offline. Let members know the types of assignments/projects you’re looking for. Also give a short overview of your writing background and experience

Directly contacting firms (e.g. Disney, BET) you want to write content for, sending them a query letter explaining your skills/writing background

Remaining in contact with clients you’ve previously worked for (for example, you can send current and former writing clients holiday greetings)

Creating original, thought provoking content (or content that helps others to improve their lives or creative business ventures)

Writing and editing content every day (practice does pay off)

Landing jobs in industries you have prior experience working in or are passionate about (for example, if you worked as a banker, you can land finance-based writing jobs)

Researching material for blogs, white papers, articles and other freelance writing content you create

Thinking about the reader while you create content (over time this strategy can help you build a community of returning readers, people who search major engines and subscribe to RSS Feeds just so they can read your latest work)

Writing reviews for money (for example, you can review books, movies, restaurants, etc.)

Successful Freelance Writing Professional Strategies

Writing blogs, reviews, feature interviews, e-books, white papers and grant proposals for
money are ways you can generate regular income. According to the BLS the middle 50 percent of writers and editors took home between $38,150 and $75,060 as of 2008. However, the top 10 percent of these creative business professionals earned more than $106,630 a year. Additionally, many successful freelance writing professionals implement one or more strategies to earn full-time salaries.

Of course, when you get paid to write online you can also become your own boss, working as an independent contractor who completes article writing for money assignments five to six days a week. The amount of money you earn depends on you, your creative business savvy, self-confidence, communication skills and ability to spot trends and new enterprising ventures.

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    Google is revamping their search criteria, hopefully allowing web users to find more quality sites on information they want. I think that’s a good thing. It also means that using keywords alone isn’t what it’ll take anymore. You have to provide quality information which, I think, should have always been the case. I definitely think any good writer would always want to focus on quality of information and not just keywords.

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