Promotional Power Created Each Time You Develop Your Best Business Products

By Rhonda Campbell

As soon as you start developing your best business products you can start feeling more confident when you engage consumers, which, in turn, can improve your customer sales results. After all, it’s hard to get pumped up to tell others about your latest business to customer or business to business products and services if you don’t believe and feel that the business products and services are your best work. It’s hard to promote and market what you don’t believe in. Therefore, a first step to achieving success as a creative leader is to develop your best business products and services. But how do you create your best business products and services when you’re spending all your efforts trying to keep your head above water, trying desperately to keep your bottom line from sinking into the red.

Passion and People Create Your Best Products

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble and ClearCorrect are companies that have a reputation for creating stellar business products. Other companies like Intelligent Decisions, the Piston Group, Amazon and Citrix Systems are known as top service providers. Each of these companies has as its primary focus, the wants and expectations of its customers. This focus has led them to create entire departments and divisions that are devoted to product creation.

For example, in the Texas CEO Magazine January 10, 2011 Dr. Willis Pumphrey, founder of ClearCorrect, a maker of clear dental aligners, said work produced by the company’s research and development department, “enables us to put out a product at a good price that helps keep the cost down for doctors. That makes us a little different.”

In the January 19, 2001 Sources of Insight issue, Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, is quoted as saying, “Microsoft has had its success by doing low-cost products and constantly improving those products and we’ve really redefined the IT industry to be something that’s about a tool for individuals.“ Aside from not trying to create their best products alone (both work with talented teams) Dr. Pumphrey, Bill Gate and other creative business leaders committed to creating their best products are passionate about what they do.

Ways to Create Your Best Products

It’s not uncommon to discover that successful business owners were working with or around the very products they would later create and develop on a large scale long before the cameras were rolling, years before their names were placed on the doors to plush offices. Successful creative business leaders love what they do.

Beyond loving what you do, other ways to ensure you consistently develop your best business products and services include: 

  • Traveling your own path (e.g. creating innovative products and services rather than duplicating what another creative business leader has already designed)
  • Allowing your imagination to play (taking a walk outdoors, floating in a pool or listening to your favorite music are ways you can stimulate your imagination)
  • Setting aside 5-10 minutes a day to brainstorm
  • Focusing during the development phase of products (For example, if you’re writing a novel, forget being on a conference call, planning tomorrow’s breakfast, etc. while you’re writing – just write)
  • Trusting inner guidance when you’re given insights on steps you can take to improve upon products
  • Putting customers’ desires ahead of your own (After all, every successful creative business leader is a servant at heart; nearly every product creative business leaders develop is for the betterment, advancement, etc. of others.)
  • Listening to customers when they email or telephone your company with complaints, suggestions for improvement (Remember, by satisfying customers you can build word-of-mouth business; you can also keep loyal customers)
  • Remembering why you went into business to start with (During challenging periods this can serve as an effective motivator to keep moving forward)
  • Running new products passed your legal team to ensure its in compliance with existing laws and regulations at local, state, national and international levels (and getting products patented)
  • Being committed to creating safe business products, including products that add more value, ease, entertainment, enjoyment to customers’ lives

You may not develop historic and record setting business products and services each time you go back to the drawing board. There’s no need to. Each of us has innate abilities and talents that we can hone and sharpen, allowing us to develop amazing products. Tap into your innate abilities. Use the talents that you were born with, talents that make work feel like play.

Also remember that it’s not necessary to compete against other creative business leaders. There’s enough room in the universe for you and each creative business leader to consistently produce her best work and be acknowledged and rewarded for having done so. But you do need to commit to creating your best. Once you do, you’ll believe in the business products you create, equipping yourself with promotional power. No one will be able to stop you from telling others about what you’ve created, from sharing your creations with the world.

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