About the Impending LinkedIn Microsoft Marriage

By Rhonda Campbell

A little over a month ago LinkedIn made headlines for the wrong reason when millions of its accounts were hacked. This month LinkedIn is back in the news – for very good reasons, one related to a current event, the other a bit out in the future.

First, to the present – LinkedIn, the world’s leading online professional network reported $228 million in revenues for second quarter 2012 according to The Washington Post’s August 2, 2012 “LinkedIn 2nd Quarter Net Income Falls Because of Expenses but Revenues Soar” article. That’s an 89 percent increase over the previous year’s reported $121 revenues. Not bad for a social media network that launched on May 5, 2003 in its co-founder’s (Reid Hoffman) living room.

News of LinkedIn’s performance sent the company’s stock upwards to $97.35 on August 2, 2012, the same date LinkedIn reported its second quarter earnings. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the social network has more than 175 million members, many of them business professionals in search of a job, be that a job that ends weeks of unemployment or a job that yields an automatic promotion.

Without a doubt LinkedIn’s good news was positively received by Microsoft. The computer software giant is set to team up with LinkedIn for the roll out of Microsoft Office 2013. What’s it all mean?

Purchase a copy of Microsoft Office 2013 and you can access to your LinkedIn contacts without having to download any additional software. The marriage is set to give Microsoft the added social media presence it’s been looking for.

LinkedIn’s product manager, David Breger, is reported in Mid Size Insider’s August 1, 2012 “LinkedIn Joins Forces with Microsoft Office 2013” article as saying, “We’ve been working closely with Microsoft for some time to make it easier for you to bring your LinkedIn network right into your Microsoft Outlook inbox experience.” Breger continued, “You’ll also see LinkedIn profile data surface when you view a People Card throughout the new Office experience.”

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