Working with Real Estate Agents Serving Southern States

By Rhonda Campbell

In various parts of the United States, the real estate market is starting to show signs of improvement. In fact, housing prices are rising in parts of the country. This is welcomed news for business owners who are looking to expand their properties as well as homeowners, particularly for people who have invested money into their homes in the hopes of realizing a sizable profit should they later decide to put their houses on the market for sale. Changes that hint at a larger housing market recovery are taking place in small as well as large towns, particularly as some home buyers choose to relocate to lesser known places like Hiawassee, Georgia.

Buying Homes and Business Property in the Hiawassee, Georgia Area
Part of the reason that some people may choose to relocate to Hiawassee, Georgia has to do with the gorgeous, wide open landscapes populating the area. For example, there is golfing at places like the Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa and the Chatuge Shores Golf Course and Greenside Grill. Hiawassee also offers residents, visitors and people who are thinking about relocating to the area plenty of open land to go horseback riding on, camping, mountain climbing and hiking. Nature lovers can also enjoy fishing, canoeing and boating while they stay in the area.

Some people travel through busy Atlanta, Georgia to reach the Hiawassee area. The mountain views that greet people entering the city create lasting memories. It’s these and similar memories and positive experiences that find some travelers deciding to contact local real estate agents to help them settle in the area. In addition to being able to rent or own multi-level homes, people can also work with area real estate agents to look at ranch homes and cabins, including cabins that are built on nearby mountains.

Prices in the area vary, ranging from slightly below $50,000 to well over $300,000. More expensive homes may come with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. These homes may also be set on nearly an acre of land. It’s also possible to buy mobile homes that cost less than $20,000, houses that could end up costing home buyers less than $90 a month. However, larger, more expansive homes, may cost as much as $1,200 or more a month. For people who are accustomed to paying higher monthly mortgages, these lower home prices might be a welcomed sight. These homes can also be used as a business’ office headquarters.

As with other properties, it’s a good idea for business owners looking to expand their properties and home buyers to have good credit. It’s also helpful if the costs of homes people are considering buying cost less than two and a half times their annual salary. This can keep homeowners from getting into challenging financial situations should one of the co-signers on the mortgage experience changes at their job, including a decrease in work hours or a layoff. Real estate agents serving the Hiawassee area can sit down with people shopping for homes and offer them additional tips, guidance and advice as they move forward with looking and possibly purchasing homes in the area.

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