Finally Improve the Customer Experience

By Rhonda Campbell


Improved customer experience could lead to improved customer sales.

Own a brick and mortar store and you might employ customer service representatives to greet customers as they enter your small business. You also might have a designated customer service department to respond to customer inquiries, complaints and suggestions. It’s these types of actions that can ensure that you’re constantly improving your supporters’ customer experience.

Small Business Websites Focused on Improving the Customer Experience

If you’re trying to expand your consumer reach, you likely also have a small business website. Improving the customer experience online requires different steps than improving the customer experience offline. One of the first steps you can take to start building customer satisfaction online has to do with the way your small business website is designed. For example, you could:

  • Use colors that elicit certain emotions from people (There are websites and studies that detail the types of emotions and feelings certain colors elicit from people; consider reviewing one or more of these websites or studies.)
  • Include search engine optimized keywords on your website, keywords that can not only improve your search engine ranking, but that also can create positive thoughts and emotions in people
  • Build your small business website so visitors to the website can find products, services and price details quickly and easily
  • Make it easy for customers to order products from your small business online and offline (The fewer steps customers must complete to place orders with you, the better.)
  • Design your small business website so it loads on potential customers’ computers quickly

By adding contact information like the mailing address and a customer service or toll free telephone number to your small business website, you could also take steps toward improving the customer experience for your supporters. This could occur because contact information might demonstrate to potential customers that your small business is legit.

You can also solicit customer feedback to measure customer satisfaction levels with your products and services. If you choose this option, make sure you follow up with customers. For example, you could post results of customer satisfaction surveys or polls at your small business website. You could also post steps you’re committed to taking in response to customer satisfaction polls or customer feedback your small business receives.

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