Do you want work life balance or do you want to achieve your goals?

By Rhonda Campbell
Make work life balance a top priority and you could miss your goals. The term “do what you love and the money will come” may have caused us to think that doing the “right” work will make us rich quickly, not demand hard work.

Struggle, the slightest hint of hard work, causes us to scratch our heads, wondering if we took a wrong turn, did something wrong. Fact is, successful people work hard. They spend hours toiling, working at their passion. Work life balance is not their top priority.

Goals take you away from work life balance

It might not feel like work because it’s in a passion area, but it’s certainly not sleeping in, floating in a swimming pool or strolling along a beach shore. We experience a fair share of hits and misses as we go about fulfilling our dreams. If we don’t take risks, we won’t learn what does and doesn’t work. It’s why exercising courage is mandatory in order to become successful.

To achieve our dreams, whether we work for an employer or are self-employed, we have to stay open, be flexible. That doesn’t mean that that flexibility will always lead to work life balance. We might have to wear more than one hat, even if only for a short period. Add in raising children and maintaining a healthy social life, and it starts to seem as if no part of our life will be balanced unless we step back and actually stop chasing our dreams.

Only love or passion for what we do will keep us on course, will make us take those extra steps over and over again, until we reach a major goal. This love and passion works in our favor even when we have not achieved work life balance. By approaching our days with humor, even laughing at ourselves from time to time, we can lighten the load and keep advancing, like a focused fullback whose vision it set, only seeing the goal line. My hope is that this be you. Stay on course.

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