Staring Down Small Business Reality

By Rhonda Campbell
Small business reality may not always be a pretty picture. Talk with a small business owner, especially if they’ve only been operating their small business for a few weeks or months, and you might think running a company is the easiest way to get rich. You also might think by owning a business you can work fewer hours, perhaps put less effort into your work than you’ve done while working any other job.

If you don’t do your research into small business reality, you could start a small business with your eyes wide shut. Should this happen, when you experience your first small business sales slump you might spend needless dollars to rev up customer sales or you might contemplate throwing in the towel.

The facts are that most, if not all, businesses experience sales slumps. It’s a reason entrepreneurs learn about and manage their cash flows. It’s also a reason smart entrepreneurs who own a small business refuse to practice self-delusion, a leading cause for getting harpooned by small business reality.

Instead of burying their heads in the sand and telling themselves sales will magically pick up, smart entrepreneurs face small business reality head on and take steps to turn the tide. For example, they might survey customers to discover what they like most and least about their business or they might survey employees to see if their company has developed silos or is experiencing employee engagement or management issues.

To discover why sales have slumped entrepreneurs might also implement market and industry research to learn about growth trends and new products and services they can develop, patent and put on the market to stimulate sales. What they won’t do is act as if what’s taking place right in front of their eyes isn’t happening.

What they won’t do is let their business die a slow death because they deceived themselves into believing magic was going to sprinkle stardust on their business, magically sending people rushing to purchase their small business products without their having to make any inner and/or outer changes.

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