Easy YouTube Tricks

By Avery Baxter

These simple, easy YouTube tricks can help you reach more prospects. The tricks can also help you to deepen connections with existing clients. Even if you only apply these steps once a week, you should see results. Consistency is key.

Video, Audio and Editing Equipment

There’s no promise that you will attract thousands of viewers at your YouTube Channel. But, the more work you put into these easy YouTube tricks, the more you could deepen your impact.

If you’re new to the world of online videos, to save costs, consider using your laptop or computer camera. If you’re computer has a webcam, you should be set.

Ready to upgrade your taping equipment? Think about investing in a quality video and audio recorder. Video editing equipment tends to be pricier. A complete video recording and editing station can run from $1,000 to over $6,000. As an alternative, you could pay for editing software. you can get video editing software for as little as $20. But, again, if you’re just starting out and watching expenses, your computer camera can do the job.

Show Viewer’s Your YouTube Channel Is Worth Their Time

Create a video recording, editing and publishing schedule. Identify and research keywords to use in your video descriptions. This may be one of the most overlooked of the easy YouTube tricks.

Search engines love keywords. It’s no mystery. People plug in keywords and phrases to find online content. Try to think of keywords and phrases that your content’s audience searches on to find the type of content that you provide.

You can get a clue about this by researching top keywords that pull up competitor’s YouTube videos. As a tip, take one or more courses at the Google Analytics Academy to identify actions needed to measure the results of your marketing efforts.

To finish developing a description for your YouTube video, write a three to four paragraph description for each YouTube video that you publish. Save yourself time and write enough descriptions to align with several weeks of videos.

If you have keyword SEO tools on your blog, plug keywords into the tool and use relevant results in your video descriptions. Publish videos on different days of the week and at different times of the day. Measure the results to see which publishing schedule works best for you. The more frequently you publish content rich videos, the more traction you may gain from these easy YouTube tricks.

Add YouTube Annotations

Enhance YouTube videos with annotations. You’ll find annotations under “YouTube Video Manager”. Click the “Edit” button for the video that you want to add annotations to. Then, click “Annotations”.

Identify where you want to place annotations. For example, you could create “Subscribe to this YouTube Channel” annotations at the start and end of each of your videos. Other annotation examples include the name of the video presenter, your website URL or where viewers can sign up for a training program that you offering.

Market Every Single YouTube Video

Market every YouTube video that you make. Post the videos with a teaser message, question or humorous tidbit at your social media channels. Other easy YouTube tricks are to add new videos to your blog, direct emails and online newsletters.

That means adding your new videos to LinkedIn, Facebook, ScoopIt, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, Tumbler and more. At the beginning and end of your videos, ask viewers to subscribe to your channel. Also, consider asking viewers to like and share videos that you create.

Comment on popular videos that other people create, especially people who focus on content that is similar to yours. As a note, the more videos that you create, the more of your videos can go into YouTube’s rotation. If you’ve spent an hour watching different YouTube videos, you know that videos will continue to pull up and rotate for you to view until you log out of YouTube. You want as many of your videos to get into rotation as possible.

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