Designing a House That Supports Your Dreams

By Erica Simpson














Your home should support your deepest dreams. After all, it’s your personal dreams that work like a fuel that keeps you advancing from one life stage to another. Dreams inspire, motivate and energize. Yet, personal dreams are also attacked, questioned and perceived with doubt, especially when the path to achieving personal dreams gets blocks or does not turn out to be smooth, straight and even.

Houses that support your dreams are first healthy homes

Even people who sincerely care about you can make statements that leave you feeling flattened and as if you’re incapable of achieving your deepest dreams. The last thing that you want is to live in a house that makes it that much harder to do what you most want to do.

If you’re serious about designing a house that supports your dreams, make sure that your house is healthy. Get your house inspected again if you need to. Ensure that your house is free of toxic materials and chemicals like mold, mildew, damp carpet, pests, unclean drinking water, asbestos, radon and high levels of carbon monoxide.

Stock kitchen cabinets, your pantry and refrigerator with healthy foods. Fresh leafy, green vegetables, fruit and high protein snacks are a good start. Drinking plenty of fresh water is another way to ensure that your energy levels stay high enough for you to easily take the actions that lead you closer to your dreams.

Dream supporting homes are at your command

Here are more ways that you can design a house that supports your dreams. You might be surprised at how simple some of these steps are:

  • Design a house floor plan that makes it easy for you to move throughout your house
  • Remove clutter from your home, as a clutter free house could inspire clutter free thinking
  • Hang positive affirmations and positive quotes on decorative canvases in your home
  • Place a comfortable, durable bed in your house (avoid sleeping on the sofa, as sleeping on the sofa could cause back pain and other structural problems)
  • Install window treatments that invite lots of natural light inside your house
  • Build a home office that has the right technology including a quality laptop or desktop, printer, copier and filing system
  • Stock your kitchen with fresh foods
  • Place exercise equipment in your house that makes it easy for you to get your heart rate up and build muscle
  • Spend time inside your home with people who are positive and who support your personal dreams

Pursuing personal dreams at home

Absent personal dreams it can be hard to keep advancing with vigor and enthusiasm. It is a personal dream that can make you feel as if what you contribute to humanity will be vital and necessary. If you design a home that supports your dreams, you could stay on track toward fulfilling your highest goals.

A healthy house is part of that rewarding design. Positive quotes and positive affirmations framed on your house walls are other rewarding design elements. So too are uninhibited floor plans, space, work areas and home office equipment and supplies.

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