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Map Out 2017 Successes

By Monica Sampson It’s a new year. 2017 successes await you if you start taking actions that align you with success. Start now. The first step to 2017 successes is to commit to taking action. This means that you cannot … Continue reading

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Your Personal 2016 Successes

By Monica Sampson Congratulations on  your 2016 successes! You’re getting ready to cross the finish line and head into a brand new year. Newness is inspirational! Newness is powerful! It makes you feel hopeful, as you may be feeling with … Continue reading

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How to become a full-time freelance writer

By Monica Sampson By 2020, nearly half of Americans may earn their income freelancing. Companies like Lyft and Uber are already having an impact on the contractor or freelancer population. Declining job security is also driving the move from traditional … Continue reading

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10 Easy Ways To Fire Sales Into Red Hot Mode

By Ericka Simpson Would it be accurate to say that your passion as a new business owner forced you to fire sales into red hot gear? Remember when you destroyed every idea that you wouldn’t make it? You didn’t wait … Continue reading

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These Awesome Press Releases Pack Sales Punch

By Ericka Simpson Awesome press releases don’t just inform readers. Great press releases pack a recognizable sales punch. I’ve seen the numbers of listeners at radio shows like Off The Shelf skyrocket after the radio show ran a press announcement for … Continue reading

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Reducing business readiness symptoms

By Ericka Simpson Passion and desire are hard to refuse. They push you into action. If they point toward owning your own business, be bold yet cautiously smart. And expect to experience business readiness symptoms, internal signals that may be … Continue reading

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The power of self-examination

By Diana Russell “Excuse me, Ms. Your slip is showing.” Have you ever heard this, turned and looked at your dress hem and wondered why you didn’t see or feel that two inches of your slip were hanging down below … Continue reading

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