Growing Your Creative Business

Get creative about growing and expanding your business.  Creativity and innovation can help you to launch your business, land new clients, grow your customer base, discover new ways to network with other professionals operating businesses in the same industries that you operate your business or businesses in.  Here you will discover and learn skills, tips and trends that may give your insights into effective business approaches you can take.  You’ll also learn about associations and organizations that support entrepreneurs and intelligent risk takers such as yourself.  Information provided here is ever changing and growing, just like your business.

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Furthermore, whether you’re just starting out or are seeking new ways to satisfy your current customers, choices, action steps and decisions you make may impact your bottom line.  Exercise your creativity and courage and you just might find yourself leading a new market, product or service area, placing yourself at the helm of local, regional, national or even international business discussions, laws and policies.  If you reach this level you can influence government decisions, making headway for small business owners around the country.

As an artist (e.g. author, poet, spoken word artist, painter, musician, non-fiction book writer, public speaker) your creations (e.g. novels, paintings, song lyrics, music, educational and/or motivational speaking sessions) are part of your products and/or services.  Create great products, offer top notch customer service and don’t be surprised if you and your business advance.

At Write Money Incorporated, we want to help you realize your dreams.  Specific information you’ll find here includes:

  • Understanding your client/target audience
  • Using newsletters to connect with readers and customers
  • Impact of radio on business sales
  • Preparing for radio interviews
  • Getting the most out of press releases
  • College degrees that may help grow your business
  • Working as a creative independent contractor
  • Setting and pursuing creative goals
  • Using online content to grow your brand
  • Social networking strategies
  • Networking advantages

You’ll also find articles and other media formats to motivate and inspire you, aiding you in your creative business pursuits.  Take your time reviewing our website.  Let us know if there are topics, etc. you’d like to see covered here.  Above all, believe in your dreams and take action to bring your dreams from your heart and head into physical form.